Saturday, May 13, 2017



I've started this post so many times on the blogger app on my phone the past week, but apparently whoever the designer for that app is, hasn't updated it in forever... and it crashes all the time. 

Anyhow....we are home. Too much to say, too little time, because in 36 hours Sam and Miss Bunny and I leave for the place I've been dreaming of going to for at least 30 years. At one point in our ten day hospital stay with Madison, the doctors were telling us there was a chance we wouldn't be able to go on our anniversary trip because of how poorly Madison was doing. Mannnnnny tears and prayers brought us to the video I'm about to post. I wish I had time to journal all that transpired in our hospital stay, but I will have to save that for another time. At the moment I am packing like a mad woman, and I can't wait to share pictures from paradise in a few days !

So just quickly - this video was taken a week ago yesterday...we had been praying like crazy that Madison would be well enough to be discharged by May 5th, which was Noah's 13th birthday. We told him the day before that it looked like we might be in the hospital just a few more days. He was still sleeping when we arrived at the Rice Ranch the morning of his birthday, donuts in tow. We always wake the birthday boy or girl up with donuts and singing on their birthday morning ...It's hard to describe the joy we all felt at being reunited with our children in time to celebrate and keep this family tradition - hopefully this video collage captures a little bit of that happiness :)