Monday, June 6, 2016

Birthdays and Brain Cells and Bogeys, oh my !

I'm blogging from my phone and hoping the words make sense ... Because I'm outside without my reading glasses watching my kids play and I don't want to go back inside to get them.  So if I accidentally curse or misspell something, forgive me, mmmmkay? 

Another word of caution: this post will be extremely photo heavy due to my lack of presence here the last month. I'm making up for lost time, so please bear with me .. or is it bare with me ? I can never remember... either one conjurs up scary images ... Okay, please put up with me while I clog up your internet space with my family. 

May started off with two very special birthdays ...

Hayden Patrick turned three on the fifth. We celebrated with a Spider-Man party, giving a nod to Cinco de Mayo as well, by serving nachos and hiring mariachis to sing during the festivities. 

Okay, maybe I'm kidding. But we did have a Spider-Man party. I have more pictures as proof, but they're on Kenzie's camera inside and ... see paragraph one of this post for an explanation. 

And at this moment I am realizing I just lied. Hayden's birthday is on the twelfth. NOT the fifth. 

What was I thinking ? 

I have too many kids.

Or maybe I'm too old to be having kids.

Or maybe I can't multitask well (watching my kids while blogging might be too much for my brain at this point in my life). 

Where were we ??

Hayden's birthday was on the twelfth of May. 

And it was preceded by Noah's birthday.

Which actually WAS on the fifth of May - - Cinco de Mayo. 

But my pictures are out of order, and as stated previously, I'm in a lazy mood. And therefore I don't feel like switching them around. 

So here we have Noah's party - he turned TWELVE on the fifth. (I know I got that right.) And to celebrate Cinco de Mayo coinciding with his birthday, we went to Chinese food. No joke. And then we went to GOONY Golf.

Actually it is called Miniature Golf, and my kids ridiculed me all night for calling it GOONY golf. I had to pull up pictures from the Internet to prove to them I wasn't lying - back in the day when I was a kid playing miniature golf in Arizona (four score and seven years ago according to them) that's what it was called.

And it is at this point that I'm realizing I have NO pictures of Noah at his party, because I'm a competent mom like that. 

And also, I was a little busy that night trying to prove what a great golfer I am. (I WON, even if the brat keeping score gave me too many bogeys and told everyone I ended up in fifth place. Just for the record.)

Anyhoot, here is the birthday boy in a photo completely unrelated to his party. However, it was in the month of May, so it counts. 

Hey, if you're reading here so you can pick up tips on how to throw extravagant themed birthday parties for your kids with dozens of magazine-ready photos and details on where to get all the party goods... you're on the wrong blog.

This blog is for "moms who like to throw things together two days before the party and call it good because there are more birthdays in our family than brain cells in my head". 

Maybe you can't relate, but I hope you'll keep reading anyway, even if it's just for laughs. 

Speaking of laughs..

... always a lot of that going on around here. Even if we aren't Pinterest-worthy.

Some random photos since I last blogged :

 .... Miss Lily striking a pose in front of our house. Is it just me, or is she suddenly looking so much older ??

As well as another little designer gened princess ....

... Miss Bunny is now four months old ! Time sure does fly, because it feels like she was just tucked away inside of me yesterday. And here she is, already laughing and cooing and playing with toys dangled in front of her - and two days ago rolling from her tummy to her back for the first time !

Somebody slow time down !!

Okay, last month I promised pictures of our new house. 

I don't have a ton on my camera roll at the moment, so I'll just do a little bedroom tour for now and post the rest later. 

These next two pictures were taken with the panorama feature on my iPhone, so hopefully they don't show up super small if you're reading from a computer.

Side note :  It's hard to know how things translate from the blogger app on my phone to a blogpost, and we have never gotten our desktop fixed since it died last year. We've all sort of adjusted to life without one, and I kind of like it that way. I don't know about you, but it's hard enough to enforce screen time rules in a large family with the advent of iPhones and iPads etc... having one less "screen" in our home has not hurt us in the least. So all that to say - if something looks wonky in a blogpost (pictures too small or a font that's too tiny too read) please let me know and I'll try to fix it.

Back to the bedroom tour :

We have a nice sized room at the new Rice Ranch, which blesses my socks off. We always seem to end up with kids camped out in our room - in our bed, on our floor, or wherever they can squeeze in - so it's nice to have some space. 

Madison's crib is right next to my bed, with wall decor provided by both of my daughter-in-loves. 

 My favorite part of our room is the fireplace - I cannot wait to spend cozy winter nights snuggled under the covers with my babies and a good book :)

While I love fall and winter and am looking forward to those seasons, most of our time these days is spent outdoors. 

We sold some unneeded furniture before moving to this property, and purchased this amazing do-it-yourself set from Costco right after we moved in. All I can say is thank GOD we have a friend who is a general contractor, as well as Caleb (who is practically the same thing), otherwise it would have been Christmas before we had this thing put together and ready for play. They were not kidding in the instructions when they said "10-12 hours" to set it all up. It took all that and then some! 

But it was SO worth every hour of labor to see the looks on our little ones' faces. They've spent a part of every day outside playing ever since the play structure was assembled. 

A few more random photos and then it's time for bed ...

I'll be back soon with more house pics, but in the mean time I have a question for you all. 

I'm contemplating mayyyyyybe changing the name of my blog to something more representative of our family. If you're a long time reader you know that this blog started out as Waiting for You - letters to my unborn baby (Lily). It morphed into Waiting For Lily, and when she was born I changed it to A Perfect Lily, and it was still mainly letters written to Lily. Then Down syndrome slowly took a backseat, and the blog sort of transitioned into a family blog ... and then we had Hayden and Madison. 

So my question is: do you think I should keep the name the same, or change it ? Obviously my blog isn't just about Lily or Down syndrome anymore ... but I've kept the name for sentimental reasons. And also because I know there are readers who maybe just pop in from time to time, instead of regularly, and I would hate for them to not be able to find us if I changed the name. However - I might still be searchable in a round about way even if the name is different, since so many of my previous posts have those keywords in them?

I'm not sure how that all works, so maybe someone can enlighten me in the comment section. 

Meanwhile, some ideas I've had for a new name are ...

- The Rice Ranch (since I use that phrase repeatedly in my posts)

- Notes from Home (the name of our old family blog)

- Bunny, Bird & Co. (Bunny is obviously
for Madison, and we have always called Lily "Lilybird".) 

Or maybe just leave it as A Perfect Lily and let people do a little backtracking if they want to know why it's called that ? 

It's such a hard decision for me because I am SUPER sentimental and generally don't like change. But maybe it's an odd name now that it's not just a blog featuring my letters to Lily ?

Anyway, I would really appreciate your input - even if it's a suggestion other than the ones I've mentioned. I'll take every reasonable name into consideration and consult my family and announce the new name (or whether we're sticking with A Perfect Lily) in a month or so. 

Thank you again to every single reader who has left comments recently - you all have been so patient and gracious while
I've been adjusting to life with a new baby again :)

Happy almost-summer !!

Xoxox Patti