Monday, November 2, 2015


Posting from my phone ... because our computer "died" several weeks ago . You would think with three iPads and even more iPhones at The Rice Ranch we would be functioning just slightly less normally than usual, but alas such is not the case. 

For example, blogging from my phone works ... but uploading pics is iffy. I'm going to post some Halloween photos here in a minute, but if they end up blurry or small -  you'll know why. 

And there are other downfalls to being unplugged ...

Apparently we can hardly : cook without Pinterest, drive without Mapquest, shop without Amazon, or do business without Craigslist. Or add (no calculator). Or spell (no spellcheck.) 

These are the things we have discovered since our computer went down. 

And also ... we are a music family . Meaning we generally have music going every waking second of the day and sometimes at night when we forget to turn the computer off . We don't own a radio or a stereo, because it's against our religion .

 I KID. 

We had a stereo that broke a few years ago and we never replaced it when we figured out we could just listen to Pandora on the computer all day. 

Ditto with the radio. 

I used to be a radio talk show addict until an election went south on me seven years ago (sorry to all my liberal readers, just my personal opinion there. If you love Lily and large families, then keep reading and I promise not to insert my political feelings too much here again. Carry on.) 

Anyhoo, I just started tuning into politics again last summer, but I'm still doing so without a radio. Gasp. Or tv. Double gasp. I get all my information from this archaic thing called "reading" and also from an ongoing group text with several equally narrow minded friends . (Did you know narrow minded is not such a bad thing ? Open your mind too much and your brain just might fall out. Just sayin'.) So I've now been forced to do all my reading from my iPhone, and I've discovered that my eyesight sure ain't what it used to be. 

(Side note : I just sent a care package to my friend Cassie, who is in the hospital with her baby Liam. I included what I thought were some cute samples of shampoo and conditioners with penciled drawings of flowers and branches on the bottles. Cassie sent me a magnified picture of the samples I sent - apparently they were drawings of naked hairy men smoking cigars. Who'd a thunk it ?? Sorry, Robert and Cassie- I promise to go get some reading glasses STAT before I send any more care packages.) 

And finally - all of my kids do their math curriculum on disks that have to be used with the computer . Which is the main bummer of becoming unexpectedly unplugged . For some kids this might seem like a blessing in a disguise, but for the little Ricelets who work furiously during the school year so that they can have a long uninterrupted summer ... this is a tragedy.  

Anyhoot we have been living in the early 20th century for a few weeks without our computer, and thus the absence from my little bloggy here . If you have emailed me or left comments on blogposts, I have been TRYING to respond to each one, but my thumbs are getting a little crampy typing on my phone . And also I've had a yucky cold for the past few weeks, making voice texting into my phone a nightmare . I've (inadvertently) cussed in several texts to my husband (lesson learned : never hit "send" while voice texting with a cold until you proofread first) and I figured I better not risk offending you all in a similar manner by voice texting a blog post. Sooooo consequently, I am thumbing my way slowly through a typed blogpost on my phone. 

All of that to say - if you have emailed or commented and I didn't respond, I promise to do so as my thumbs allow, and as soon as Sam manages to convince the Mac store that they actually BROKE our computer.  (not kidding, there was nothing wrong with it other than a faulty disk drive when he brought it in, and suddenly they say "it's vintage and won't power up anymore and we need a new one." Uh huh.) 

where was I ? 

Oh yes, as soon as hell freezes over and the Mac store admits they owe us a replacement computer, I will be back online, typing blogposts by the traditional (and less crampy) hunt-and-peck method that has carried me faithfully through six plus years of blogging . 

In the mean time - if you have left a comment on previous posts requesting to follow my new and improved and privatized IG account, and you didn't leave your user name in your comment ... please leave another comment with your user name, so I can make sure you aren't blocked. Long story, but I reduced my previous IG account by deleting and blocking over 9,000 followers and I promise it was nothing personal. I just really wanted to go private and that was the best way to do so, to preserve all my pictures and videos posted there over the years ... If you were a faithful follower who didn't leave mean comments, then leave a comment here with your user name and I'll accept on IG.   (really, does anyone know why people would read or follow someone they hate so much ?? I can't think of a more boring way to live, but there you have it. Haters gonna hate and if they want to live like that, it's certainly their warped prerogative to do so ! And I say that in the most loving and non-judgmental way possible . Really, I do.) 

Okay, so here are the aforementioned pics from this weekend, and maybe someone can leave a comment telling me if they uploaded correctly . If there are wrinkles or age spots in the picture of me, I promise it is purely a technological error and not real life. 

Here we go ...

One last one before my thumbs fall off...

Happy November, friends !!!