Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Depoe Bay Vacay part one

A bit of catching up posts to come here on the blog .. starting with our Depoe Bay Vacay. 

We went to the coast a few days after Christmas and stayed for almost a week. We came back for church on Wednesday, and Sam did have to work for a few days, but for the most part it was a week off from everything. After a busy month during the holidays, it was much needed !

The house we always stay at (a vacation home owned by dear friends) does actually have beds... however our kids, for the most part, spread out on blankets wherever they feel like it. Isn't that what everybody does on vacation ?

They are also known to sleep in their clothes and perhaps spend the entire next day in the same outfit - or jammies - if they want to.

The Rice Ranch is ALWAYS filled with music, and vacation is no different !

Sam and I made a vow to take a walk together every day we were there. I think we only missed one day, because he left early in the morning to go back to Corvallis (sermon prep), but the kids and I still made it outside for a bit. The weather was just gorgeous - sunny the entire week. Extremely cold, but the incredible blue skies and sunshine made up for it.

Hayden and Jack brought some Christmas presents from home to play with ... and no vacation could be complete without our family's favorite orange rolls.

More exploring ...

Josiah and Monique and Macie spent the first part of the week with us, and Jason and Naomi and Koa and Norah came the last half. Love having our family all together in one place !

We slipped out nightly to watch the sunset - it never gets old.

Okay, back to teaching ...

See you soon !


Grammi Faith said...

Oh I just love the new header or whatever it is called. My sweet Lily Anne. Also am envious of your vacay. Love you all, Grammi

Cindy said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time!

crystalkupper said...

Your boys in short-sleeved shirts and shorts. WHAT THE HECK? How do boys do that?!

Annabell said...

What a beautiful family!! I have been folowing on your blog for a while but never commeneted!! Wish we could meet at conferece one day!!