Friday, October 24, 2014

parenting, pumpkins, and bear butts, oh my !

Before I forget- my sweet friend and fellow blogger, Krista Ewert, is hosting a giveaway for the doll A Special Joy that I blogged about last week. Go HERE to enter :)


It's Friday and I have a stack of schoolwork to score. This week has been filled with errands- mainly running all over town picking up various components to our Halloween costumes for next week. I can't wait to post pictures... but I'll give you a hint .... Let it go... Let it go ... (wish I could just apply that song to this stack of workbooks, but alas... someone has to be the grown-up here.)

Anyhow, I have so much to say, but very little time to do it. I hate when that happens !

I've had about six parenting posts in my brain for the past few weeks, just floating around and begging to be spilled out onto my keyboard. Lots of readers here, as well as followers on Instagram, have asked me to share specific ideas and thoughts on parenting ... and I would love to do that. I'm always nervous to do so however, because we here at The Rice Ranch are a work in progress. I would hate for anyone reading to think that WE think we have it all together. Because we don't. We know there is always room for improvement. And also - one of my kids could rob a bank tomorrow and then everyone could point and say- SEE. Toldja so. They don't know anything about parenting.

But then I look around and I think  - well then, who could ever give any parenting advice ?

We're all human.

We're all flawed.

And none of us are absolutely guaranteed success in the realm of parenting, because we are raising HUMANS here. Not machines or robots that will turn out like x, y, z if you just do a, b, c. These little people have minds of their owns, and I've seen the best parents in the world end up with some strange results ... and vice versa. I mean, look at Adam and Eve. They had the perfect parent (hello, GOD !?!) and they still ate the thing they weren't supposed to even touch. Can anybody say free will ?

So I could come on here and spout all of my personal beliefs about child training, but there are still no guarantees in life.

But having said all of that ... I would still like to do a few blogposts on parenting.

I may not be perfect, but I have been parenting for over 26 years now. And I've seen a lot of different parenting methods over the course of almost three decades. And based on our own experience and watching others' experiences too... I have some strong convictions about some things. And if sharing my heart and writing about the mistakes we've learned from can help other families... I'm willing to try.

I'll post more on Monday, but in the mean time- if you are one of the readers in the past who has asked me to blog about this subject, maybe remind me in the comment section what you are hoping to  read about ? I'd love to hear your thoughts..

Until Monday, I'll leave you with a little happiness from the past month ...

his new thing ..points his finger at us to tell us we are in trouble !

annual tree hugging photo

sorry for posting a bear butt pic on my blog ...I couldn't resist

Happy Friday !!


crystalkupper said...

Great batch of photos!

Krista said...

I don't think I would want to read a parenting post by someone who has never messed up...after all, isn't that when we learn the most? Looking forward to your future posts :)

SammE said...

Other than the original parent, God, there are no perfect parents. Most of us muddle along doing out best, setting the finest examples for our children that we can, and sometimes things still go wrong. Children make their own decisions after a while, and they can be decisions that affect the family and rest of their lives. You're doing great from what I can see! I love the photos! Dancer Lily is so beautiful. I love the bear bottom. LOL samm in Canada

Kelly Marin said...

yay i love reading your posts!

Grammi Faith said...

Once again i LOVE all the pictures. Can you spell prejudice? Love that smooch at the end!!!

Anonymous said...

Those are some precious photos you got. :) As for parenting advice.....we always trust the scripture. WE are told to train them in the way they should go.....and they will NOT depart from it. We all mess up as you said as none of us are perfect but if we are doing our BEST to continually teach our little ONES continually of the things that are important in the LONG one. They won't forget what they have learned. I have to believe that as TRUTH. As it is written in the WORD. :) LOVE all the pictures of your sweet family.

Patti said...

Nikki ~ I wholeheartedly agree- that's one of our favorite scriptures, one that I cling to with all my heart as well. I also have many dear friends who have done that very thing- trained up their child in the way they should go - and invested a lifetime in that child - only to see them turn away from God. I know they are clinging to the truth of that scripture too- that "when they are old" they will not depart from it. Just like the story of the prodigal son , they have every hope that their wayward child will return to the truth they were raised with . xo

Anonymous said...

Dear Patti,
I think often we get stuck on the THEY will not depart part. :) I don't think that it means our children will NOT EVER make bad choices as they of course will. We are sinners. I think it means they will KNOW when they are making wrong choices that it is a wrong choice. They won't forget what we taught them. Yes and just like the prodical son they can choose to return because they never FORGOT the TRUTH they were taught. :) I enjoyed your first parenting post! Thanks for sharing your heart.

Anonymous said...

The tree hugging's so pretty!!