Monday, September 29, 2014

true confessions

Just in case you didn't know... 

I am an officially certified Scentsy consultant. And in case you've never ordered Scentsy, you can find the above products (and more!) on my personal website

And I am happy to say that I am only TWO DOLLARS away from my required sales to stay a Scentsy consultant this quarter. If you have been reading here previously, you know what an accomplishment that is on my part because A) I am the world's worst saleswoman. I freely admit it. and B) I am probably the only Scentsy consultant that actually replies to their no-reply emails begging them to just let me stay on, because I'm addicted to Scentsy products and I have eleven kids for crying out loud, cut a mom some slack. (They've never replied back, in case you wondered.)


Confession time ...

I have actually had customers email me asking me to do parties. And I am embarrassed to say ... I ignored their emails. Because I don't do parties. I just don't like to stand in front of people talking and selling things. Which is kind of funny, because that's pretty much what my husband does on a daily basis (he does credit card processing if you're an interested small business!). But that's not me. I can type things on a keyboard and put a link in a blogpost, but I just don't do in real life sales thingies. 

HEY - I just had a brilliant idea ! Maybe my husband can sell Scentsy for me !!!

I'm gonna go call him with that brilliantly helpful little suggestion, but in the mean time .... if you want to ... I mean if you don't have anything else to do with your hard earned money... and only if you really really love Scentsy like I do .... you can place an order on Lily's Basket Party.

But only if you want. 

No pressure .

(See why I'm the world worst saleswoman ?? Don't tell Orville.)


innominatus said...

I don't want my house to smell all girly-foo-foo but if Scentsy makes a product that will neutralize the "baby bottom/horse pasture/dogs needing baths" smell at my place, I'd be a buyer.

Danielle said...

oooo John ^^^^^^^^^^^ {insert the smiling crying face from instagram)