Monday, September 15, 2014

monday miscellany

Just dropping in for a minute to share a couple things... I'll be back later with more, but #itsmonday. Enough said.

I'm writing over HERE today ... you may have read the post (featured there) last year on A Perfect Lily, but just in case you didn't ... go check it out . And leave a comment if you have time ;)

Also ... if you haven't ordered any of your favorite Scentsy products in awhile, September is the month to do it. If you order anything from Lily's Basket Party, you will be entered to win a shower gel of your choice. FYI : The fall warmers are AMAZING, and the new scents as well.

And lastly... this girl is getting cuter than ever. More later on how her little personality is just really blossoming as she approaches her fifth birthday in January. Seriously, life just gets sweeter and sweeter with our Lilybird. Can't wait to share more.

Happy Monday !!


Kelly Marin said...

I agree Lily is getting sweeter and sweeter love that girl of yours and the others too😘

Grammi Faith said...

Just read your wonderful blog Motherhood is the Ultimate Blessing. I am so proud of you Patti. You are the woman/Mom I always wanted to be.

Love little Miss Sassy's pictures.