Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I Have A Dream

On the evening before Down Syndrome Awareness month begins, I have a dream. 

I have a dream that my little girl will be seen for the person she is first - instead of the syndrome. 

I have a dream that when people meet my daughter, their first instinct is not to feel pity for our family - but shared joy for the gift we've been given. 

I have a dream that by sharing our hearts and our stories, we as parents of children with Down syndrome can help others to understand that a label can't define our children. They are unique and invaluable and special. Just like any other child. 

Lily isn't a syndrome, she's a child .... who has Down syndrome . She doesn't have a disease and she isn't suffering. She isn't always happy - she has highs and lows and a full range of emotions just like you and me. She isn't an angel or a messenger from Heaven ... she's a little girl who has opinions and throws tantrums and can be just as naughty as the next little girl ;)

She's just a child ... who has Down syndrome . 

I have a dream that when you meet Lily , or any other person with Down syndrome, you see what I see ... an individual. Someone who has hopes and dreams and preferences and feelings and potential - and was fearfully and wonderfully designed by their Creator... a person. 

Just like you and me ❤️


crystalkupper said...

That's my dream, too!

linda said...

LOVE this!!! Thank you Patti!

The Magnificent Seven said...

I love this too! And I have the same dream for my little girl!

SammE said...

I am hoping this dream comes true for all people. We are all different in some way or other. I know a young man who has DS, and he's an amazing person, funny and hard working. I often hope that the world sees him for the person he is, just as you dream for Lily.

Our victory! said...

I have the same dream for my lil girl!!

Duckie said...

I have been following your blog for a while, but have never commented, but I saw this and it made me smile, and I'd thought I'd share (just in time for Down Syndrome Awareness Month!)


cara said...

My dream too!!!

Now that Benji is 4, we have been getting a lot more stares and questions in front of him. Especially from kids. They may ask what is wrong with him, why this or that. They think he is absolutely HUGE for a baby. They do not realize he is four. Anyways, my hope is that more people will not focus on the syndrome and characteristics from that, but on Benji as the person he is. And that more parents would be proactive in talking to their kids about people with differences teaching them how to treat all people. Before Benji, I didn't talk to my kids about kids/people with special needs because I thought that I would cause them to focus on something they didn't see. I wanted them to just see people for the people they are. But I have found that kids DO see differences, and it helps to be proactive.

By the way, I just asked Benji if he wanted to see Lily tonight, and he yelled, "YES!" in his own way. It was cute. xoxo