Thursday, August 28, 2014

My Big Fat Beach Post

Let's see, what's new ?

We are back from a mini vacation to the coast, and I have a desktop full of fantabulous photos to share.

I have my fourth load of laundry for the day in the washer, another in the dyer, and four more waiting in buckets in the entryway. The older middles were in Washington at a water park while the middle littles and little-littles were with Sam and I at the coast ... so lots to unpack here.

I'm babysitting my sweet little granddaughter ... I took her outside to play just before her nap, and when I scooped her up from the blanket I had carefully laid in the grass, a bee decided my arm would be a good place to plant its stinger. Yippee.

I just got Hayden down to sleep and Lily as well... and I really need to take advantage of this little window of time (sleeping babies) ... so I will just post pictures and let them tell the story of how relaxing and fun our mini vacation was :)

And I'll just throw this in real quick before I drop all the photos into this post : a vacation doesn't need to be long or expensive to be wonderful. We left Sunday night after church and got back just in time for our Wednesday night church service. We stayed at the house we always stay at (free) and I cooked the whole time. No fancy places to visit, no rides to go on, no gourmet food, no money spent other than the gas that it took to get us there. But it was heavenly - three days of lovely weather and my five youngest kids all to myself - I couldn't have asked for a sweeter end-of-summer getaway. Just the kind of trip I needed to end this season on a happy note.

don't ask me what I'm doing with my leg there. Apparently I think I'm on the red carpet for a big movie premier or something. 

A little video just for fun ...

hayden went surfing 

nap time !!

Hope you've all had a wonderful summer and soaked up every ray of sunshine you could. ..

....happy almost September !!


Unknown said...

Perfect beach pics!:)

mumofsix said...

Perfect! Happy almost September to you xxx

cara said...

Amazing pics!!! SO glad you had a fun getaway! That video is priceless! :) xoxo

Krista said...

Just lovely!

Kathy McElhaney said...

I love Lily's shoulder shrug at the end of the video! It's like she's saying "Who can figure out babies?"

Cindy said...

It looked like you had that entire beach to yourself! Gorgeous pictures! (And I love your captions!) :)

Grammi Faith said...

Summer went way too fast. But thoroughly enjoyed it. SD, CA was fun and EHT, NJ is fun right now.

Grammi Faith said...

Summer went way too fast. But thoroughly enjoyed it. SD, CA was fun and EHT, NJ is fun right now.