Saturday, April 12, 2014


It's Saturday and things are quite busy at The Rice Ranch. We leave Monday for our annual Northwest Bible Conference in McMinnville. We packed as much as we could on Thursday, made a run to Walmart that night for socks and underwear ...why does it take a week out of town for me to realize two little boys have only two pairs of hole-less socks between them?? ... and today I'm doing the last of the pre-conference laundry.

We come home Saturday, and the next day is Easter... which leaves me a few hours Saturday night to fill a dozen Easter baskets, decorate eggs, attack laundry from a week of hotel living... and try to keep the house clean, because my mom arrives Sunday night from Arizona.

I just had a thought : Mom, let's just agree that my house is going to look like a war zone when you get here, and call it good. I mean, if you can't let your hair down... or leave your suitcases in the hallway ... around your mom - well then, who can you do it around ?

Anyhoot ... I only have a few moments on the computer. But I did want to share a few pics taken with my new phone, because as Sam promised, the upgrade to a 5c was indeed spectacular.

Photos taken on my iPhone 4 ...

and just half an hour later with my iPhone 5c ...

... see the difference ? You can actually SEE the clear snot dripping down Hayden's nose, and all the dirt on Lily's shoes, and the slobber on Hayden's shirt... these things would be missing from photos taken with my iPhone 4, and that would be tragic. #firstworldproblems

In all seriousness, I do think there is quite a difference, and for a free upgrade this month (thank you Verizon) I'm impressed.

Okay, two more items to mention, and then I have to finish up my laundry.

I love weight watchers. I just felt the need to share that. I've lost the last of my baby weight this month- ten pounds - in less than four weeks. Not by any fad diet, not by excluding dairy, meat grains, chocolate, and oxygen  ...I just ate less. Shocking, I know. Less food = less weight. Isn't it weird how those things work ?? And I don't even go to the WW meetings (not because I don't want to, because I'm cheap), I just use an ancient sliding scale calculator thingy (thank you, Danielle) and I choose healthy foods.

And yes, chocolate is healthy. In moderation. 1 Patti 3:9 - look it up.

But for reals- I am now in my size 2 pre-Hayden jeans, and I just feel better. Happy wife equals happy life, and a post-baby flabby Patti makes everyone around her miserable. Ask my family.

So yay for looooots of vegetables and fruits and thank GOD for whoever invented Fiber One bars, because I don't know how I ever existed without them in my life prior to now. They taste like a candy bar and they ARE ONLY ONE WEIGHT WATCHER POINT !!!!!  Excuse me, I am a little zealous about my Fiber One Bars.

And that meal you see pictured above ? A lean cheeseburger with only the bottom half of a bun and loaded with red onions, pickles and tomatoes ? And that scrumptious pile of asparagus seasoned with lemon pepper and a little garlic salt ?? It's only 7 WW points. And it's so filling and yummy, and I still had points left over for a brownie and a glass of milk for dessert.

Three cheers for Weight Watchers. And I didn't even get paid to say that.

No beach body pictures coming to the blog any time soon, and I don't want to be anybody's coach. I just wanted to share my little victory publicly, because it was fun to set a goal and achieve it. And if you see me at conference, please don't tell me - "hey you look SO much skinnier than the last time I saw you"  - because I'll probably cry. Just smile and say "praise God for Fiber One Bars" and I'll give you a thumbs up.

Okay, last on my list of Things To Blog About Before I Leave For Conference... but certainly not least ... In fact, if you just skipped over the words in this post until now, and just looked at the cute pictures of my kids....


Please... please read these words, from my dear friend Katrina.

Here is a trailer to a new documentary that has been done showing the life of orphans in Russia and what has happened because of the adoption ban. 

The objective of the film is to draw attention to the orphan problem in Russia. The hope is for it to be seen world wide so that everyone can work together for the good of the children. 

Stereotypes between the two countries need to be broken down so that we can all come together to find a solution to help the children.The children can't just be victims of misunderstands between adults. The leaders should come to some progressive decisions. 

It is very important that anyone who is concerned about the cause like the FB page Children of the State and become involved in the discussion. This page is for all Nations to come together for the Russian children. We need to show that people are still concerned about the children and work together to find a solution. 

The documentary will only be shown in film festivals if a large interest is shown for the cause. 

Please watch the trailer here and like the FB page. 

More trailers will be coming on the FB page. 

Katrina - the mama featured in this video - was in the process of adopting Natasha from Russia when the ban on American adoptions occurred. She has never stopped advocating for the forgotten orphans of Russia. I met Katrina in California last year, and I can tell you she has a heart of gold.

Please pray for the Russian orphan crisis. Because it is a crisis, no matter what some political leaders would have us to believe. Pray for Natasha and Albina and Artem and Olga, and all those who have been left in institutions to live out their years, without families or love. The links Katrina provided above give more information about discussions that are going on now concerning these issues. Please take the time to click on these links and show your support for those who are still advocating for a solution to these issues. And thank you, Katrina, for never giving up on these beautiful children.


Jonana said...

Thanks for posting that trailer! I've seen a lot of that footage before but not the part with Katrina being interviewed. And thank you for praying for our girl.

Unknown said...

I love this post, well I love all your posts:) First of all, Yes I love the camera on my iPhone 5! It takes some pretty incredible pics to be in a phone! Next I had to laugh about conference, one reason my kids LOVE conference is because they get much needed new clothes:) Oh and every year when we come back from Tucson my suitcase sits in the hall WAY to long. Also I LOVE Fiber One bars and I am a pretty happy girl that our Costco started caring them:) Unfortunately I can not seem to lose all the baby weight because I eat so much...your right less food= less weight. I am curious if your still nursing? My baby is six months and I am so hungry all the time (nursing him full time, about to start solids). The trailer was very touching! Liked their page!

Pogue Mahone said...

Good for you and congrats! Losing weight is really hard.....I was never a size 2 even BEFORE I had kids! (I have 11 kids,too!)

Grammi Faith said...

OK put me on your diet during my visit. And yes, I am bringing my white gloves so be ready for the big inspection. I expect nothing but perfection from you, Sam and the children. AS USUAL!!! hee hee

Mary Lou said...

Sheesh.... You sound busy!! You're exhausting me!! Hee, hee, hee.... ;-D
I love, love, love picture number three!! Does Lily know how to relax or what?! ;)
Hayden's clear snot dripping from his nose and Lily's dirty shoes are nothing to not be proud of!! I love it!! ;-D
"Chocolate is healthy. 1 Patti 3:9 -look it up." Oh, I am sorry. Did I retype this sans the "in moderation" part? Whoops. I am a chocolate addict.... ;)
Love you later, Raelyn