Tuesday, March 25, 2014

the nameless blogpost

First order of business... did you know there's a giveaway going on here?

Order ANYTHING from my personal website, and be entered to win a warmer of your choice. Just leave a comment here telling me you ordered something (make sure you click on Lily's Basket Party when you shop) before March 31st, and I'll announce a winner on April 2nd.

Next up... I have a new flower growing in my garden ...

...is that the prettiest little Lily you've ever seen, or what  ??

She has been blossoming into a little girl this year. No longer my baby, she is very independent these days. In fact, if I didn't know better, I'd almost think she was a teenager.

One guess who her personal stylist is ? It rhymes with Shmackenzie.

Little Miss Personality right there ^^^ . This girl is so full of life ! And she is talking up a storm these days - constantly surprising us with new words and phrases. She sits on the stairs and talks to people on her fake phone - I have the funniest video of it, but it's late and Hayden is losing it. I promise to share it later this week.

A few more photos before I call it a night....

... Hayden's first orange :)


...his first perm .

And now, I am ending my post prematurely due to the world's neediest baby needing me :)

Peace out.


cathy said...



Anne B. said...

Oh my goodness! Hayden looks like a little doll baby!! Too funny!!

Lori said...

Those pics are the BEST!!!!

Gabe said...

I placed a scentsy order! I had just been thinking I needed something for the car and remembered you sold scentsy. What great timing for your give-away.



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