Tuesday, March 18, 2014

saint patti's day and a giveaway

i'm sitting at the computer with a sad little baby in one hand, and a clingy lilybird at my leg. the older kids are playing baseball at the park with josiah.

thus the lowercase typing.

this was going to be my little window of time to blog, but hayden and lily have other plans.

so what was going to be a heartfelt post on parenting is going to be a photo dump, while i go do some heartfelt parenting.

the following pics were taken on saint patrick's day, thus the green theme. we had our traditional four leaf clover green pancakes too, but the photo is on my phone, and i can't pry my two youngest off to go retrieve it. i'm sure you can try to do a visual by my description anyway, right ?

here we go with the rest...

one more order of business before hayden completely loses it ..

in an effort to meet my minimum sales requirement for the month so that i can stay a valued scentsy consultant, i'm doing a giveaway.

order anything from my personal website - even a lightbulb ! - and leave a comment on this post telling me you did so, and you will be entered to win the warmer of your choice. you must order by march 31st, and shop from lily's basket party on my website. i'll draw the winner on april 2nd - because if i did it on april fool's day you might think it was a joke - and announce it here on the blog.

for ALL the world to see.

(insert your name here) has won a premium scentsy warmer of his/her choice .

just imagine the sensation when you tell all your friends.

what are you waiting for ??? go order now !!!

p.s. happy day after st. patti's day.


crystalkupper said...

Wow, those cherry blossoms are AMAZING!

Grammi Faith said...

OMGoodness, those beautiful trees. Abbi you are beautiful as well. That little butterball is so cute too.

Mary Lou said...

"This was going to be my little window of time to Blog, but Hayden and Lily have other plans.". Aw.... To quote Jesse from "Full House". "Loving it, loving it!"!! Sometimes, I have observed, our plans are not ours at all, but God's all along.... ;)
I love, love, love St. Patrick's Day!! I always wear my plastic green bracelet!! Everybody is Irish on St. Patrick's Day!! ;-D
That's right, April 1st happens to April Fool's Day!! Which, my premature short-term memory loss completely forgot about!! I am planning--Lord willing!!--to post a fictional children's story on April 1st on my Blog, "Minuscule is good!"!! Hmmm.... I'll need to make sure I wish my Blogging Friends a wholehearted "Happy April Fool's Day"!! Thanks for the reminder!! ;)

Unknown said...

Order placed - I hope it helps :-)

jody lynn said...

omg, the green lawn, the trees in full bloom...didn't you just recently post a video of the hubs trying to get out of a snow packed driveway? Time flies!!!