Wednesday, February 19, 2014

zombies and pancakes and dean martin, oh my


I know it's been almost a week since my Valentine's post part one. Since that post I have had : one child with an ear infection, one husband with a sinus infection, one child with an unknown random pain in her tummy for a day, one teething child (second tooth broke through, hallelujah), one child with a sore throat and aches... and I, myself, was the unfortunate recipient of mastitis. (If you don't know what that is, don't look it up…and pray you never get it. And all the nursing mom readers shouted a unanimous AMEN.)

So having submitted my sick note(s), I hope you will excuse me for the tardiness of this post.

By the way - I LOVED reading all of your Valentine's blogposts over the weekend- thank you so much for linking to them in the comment section !

This post will be photo heavy and short on words, because we have the computer guy coming here in one hour to fix our iCloud problem for the third time…grumble grumble… and my house looks like something out of a horror movie. As do I.  So please excuse me (again!!) while I dump a bunch of pictures, and then attend to things here on the home front.

Oh, one more thing before I do - these photos might make it look like everyone has nothing but love and happiness oozing from their every pore on Valentine's Day. I don't want to dispel that notion, but I do want to balance things out, in case you are a reader who finds his/herself feeling angst or anger after leaving A Perfect Lily. We do not have a perfect family. We don't claim to. I don't claim to have the perfect marriage, the perfect kids, the perfect life…the only thing I will acknowledge is that I have a perfect Lily. I think we can all agree on that. I felt the need to post that little disclaimer because of a situation that happened recently online…I'll spare you the details, but the reason I blog or post pics on Instagram about my wonderful family and kids and holidays is not because I think things are perfect…  but because they are good. They're more than good, they're fabulous. And not because of anything we've done, but because of what a loving and gracious and forgiving God has done in our lives. True story.

Moving happily forward…. or forward happily, whichever my high school English teacher would have preferred….  here is our Valentine's morning.

caleb gave his sisters cards and candy. because he's caleb like that :)

The photo below needs an explanation… a few years ago I started having the kids come down to the breakfast table on Valentine's Day morning to the song "That's Amore" by Dean Martin. We do the same thing on Easter - they come to the table while Sam and I blast Keith Green's song "Hear the Bells Ringing"… on Christmas we don't have a particular song we play as they come down the stairs, but there is music…always music. Just one of our umpteen billion traditions, and the children all get a kick out of it, as do we.

Someone last Friday asked about the song "That's Amore" - originally I started playing it on Valentine's morning because I had the soundtrack to Babe, and it was the only song I could find on our computer that had a Valentine's Day type theme at the time. Sam wanted to show the kids the original song on youtube, done by Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis …if you're anything like my brother, you will laugh your head off watching it. Or, if you're like me, you will watch it and imagine someone dragging their fingernails across a chalkboard for three minutes. Different strokes for different folks ! (Hey, we aim to please all kinds of readers here on the blog.)

can you tell who are in the chalkboard camp, and who are not ???

to me, from abbi. i heart her.

This next little series is from my date with my grandson. Lily and I took him balloons and candy, and then we visited the coffee place where Kenzie works. She met us there for our date, and we snapped numerous photos while Lily and Koa consumed hot cocoa, jelly beans, muffins, and cookies. I'm sure Jason and Naomi were SOOO happy when I brought their son home, loaded up with enough sugar for 14 days. But that's what nanas are for on Valentine's Day, right ?  #nextyearwewilltrythefarmersmarket #maybe

Half an hour til the computer guy comes, and I still look like a zombie, so….

….happy Wednesday !!


Grammi Faith said...

OH what a fun post, as usual. Counting the days/months. xoxoxoxoxoxox

Liz/ said...

I don't post often but I just love your sweet family!!!

Mary said...

Beautiful celebration of Love! Your children's faces are beaming! How fun!

Kathy McElhaney said...

Wonderful post!

Sorry you felt you needed a disclaimer. I'm thankful for your many happy/positive/joyful posts - I can find all the negativity I need on the web, Lily's smile and your loving family are a wonderful counter-balance! And I know without being told that your days and your family are not perfect - you're human.

crystalkupper said...

I like all the joy -- keep it coming!

MamaV said...

Amen on the mastitis... I thought i was dying, lol :-)

cara said...

LOVE all of these beautiful Valentine's Day pictures!!!! It looks like a wonderful celebration.

And you definitely do not need to give a disclaimer. Your family is full of love and joy. We all have ups and downs, and nobody is perfect. But you all are definitely a family full of love. And I am blessed and uplifted by all of your postings. There are SO many gut wrenching articles and awful things to read on the internet. I am so grateful for this spot I know I can always come and be refreshed. I also know I will always get amazing Lily smiles!!! And I always learn and grow from you! Thank you!!!!

By the way- Benji is still in dreamland as I type! He is looking at all the most beautiful pictures of his Valentine!!! :)

I am SO sorry you have had sickness in your home this week. I will pray for good health for all of you all and healing all around. There has been so much yucky stuff out there. xoxo