Tuesday, February 4, 2014

wake boarding, pedis, and slouch beanies, oh my!

It's Tuesday night...  Tyler and Jonathan have a basketball game, but Lily is sick. So I'm home with her...  and Abigail and Hayden stayed to keep us company. I hate missing my boys' games, because I am one of those hyper-competitive moms who loves to embarrass her kids by screaming loudly during every play. I stomp my feet wildly when the excitement is mounting, and I yell obscenities at the opposing team during free throws.


That was a test. Were you really reading ???

Back to basketball. I'm bummed I'm not there. But I will take full advantage of this rare moment with only three children at home, and I will blog to my heart's content.

Just a word of warning : all of the photos in this post are off my phone. I didn't take any with the camera this past week, because I didn't feel like it. So I apologize ahead of time for the grainy and fuzzy quality... just pretend you are me  -  without reading glasses on  -  while you look at my pictures. (I just started wearing reading glasses and realized how very crisp and clear things are. I feel like a young girl again. In an old girl's body. Sigh.)

Here was the basketball game from last week...

We won by a few points. And Sam now holds the record of MEPMs. (Most Embarrassing Parent Moments.) Ask Naomi, Monique and Mackenzie. He knocked my previously held record out of the park. Boom goes the dynamite.

Moving on - remember my post a few days ago about Abigail's culinary skills ??

...the above photo is Jack, sinking his teeth into one of her scrumptious new creations - an oreo cupcake  with a deliciously light cream cheese frosting. Nom nom.

And because this post is a little random, the only constant theme being my fuzzy photos, I have to include this little gem...

...Lily is modeling a cute little puppy top from Target, as well as an adorable matching skirt and headband set from @littlegrand2 on Instagram. This set was a prize from the dance competition Lily won.

And here is another...

... that darling little slouch beanie is from @nicolasandreese on IG. There is a pink one for Lily on its way to our house, and I can't wait for it to get here !! #slouchbeaniesarethecutest #soaresleepingbabies

If there's anything I love as much as sleeping babies and slouch beanies, it's pedis and piggies.

I mean seriously - can you even handle the cuteness of those little toes ? I could eat them.

Lily was pretty proud of her pedi. I can't wait to take her to her first real pedi at a salon !

 Hayden is fascinated with my tub. For weeks he has been trying to figure out how he can catapult himself in there. See that cool lighted reed thingy in the vase on the right ? Sammy bought that for me in San Francisco in November. I want about ten more for the rest of my house, and a giant lit up tree for my front room. Okay, Sammy ? Sammy, are you reading this ???

As well as wake boarding in the bathtub, Hayden has taken up reading novellas. Junie B. Jones is a favorite. Right up there with War and Peace, as far as he's concerned. And have I mentioned I love him in stripes ? I do.

And hats.

At last count he had 28...I thought about staging an intervention with myself over this, but I don't think I would listen. There are some things in life you just can't have too much of.   Hats. Stripes. Chocolate. Christmas music. Cool lighted reed thingies. And exclamation points.


Told ya.

Oh and this girl. You just can't have too much of her.

See what I mean ? It's impossible to overload on her.


HAPPY TUESDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


cara said...

You definitely cannot have too much of Lily!!!! I know you know my saying by now, but just when I think the pictures cannot get any cuter................

I am amazed at how well Lily sits for you to paint those precious toes. Well, I guess I shouldn't be amazed since I have a three year old boy! He will not even let me get those toe nails trimmed.

I LOVE stripes on my little guy too that just happened to turn #1 on Saturday. sniff, sniff

Lily + Hayden= cuteness overload xoxo

crystalkupper said...

Get that girl into modeling!

cathy said...



Grammi Faith said...

Thought you were decribing me when you were talking about a screaming sports Mom. ha ha ha

Mom started with reading glasses in her 40's too. Now it's a hearing aid 30 years later. Love all kinds of pictures, fuzzy or not. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Lora said...

I have those lighted reeds all through my house! Love them!!!!

Unknown said...

Lily is so adorable!

Unknown said...

Lily is so adorable just like my Ashya!

Unknown said...

No, never too much!!

mex said...

I just love your blog! Thank you so much for sharing your family and your wonderful words of wisdom with us all. Especislly those (well me) oh-so-very-far-away....

Maria (Sydney, Australia)