Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Vintage Honey Shop

I am so excited to do this post.

I wish someone would have thought these things up ten babies ago...

...  I know that looks simply like an adorable necklace made out of premium 100% designer cotton fabric.

But what you have there is a lifesaver, friends. Pure and simple.

That picture was taken in the throes of (normally) teething woes. And look at that happy little face !

I received the above necklace from The Vintage Honey Shop about two weeks before Hayden cut his first two teeth... talk about divine intervention :)

Not only did it help sooth his irritated gums, but it was (and is) the perfect distraction for his tiny hands while he's nursing. If your babies are anything like mine, they get to an age where they LOVE to use little fists as weapons while they breastfeed. Not so when I'm wearing my teething necklace.

Hayden is also an expert at finding any stray piece of hair while I'm holding him (nursing or not) and yanking with all his might. If you don't have long yank-able hair, then you've probably never known the excruciating pain  pleasure of this experience.

But when I'm wearing my Vintage Honey Teething Necklace, it's the first thing he reaches for. Those little wooden beads are not only the perfect size for chewing on (safely wrapped in fabric), but they're also the perfect size for his little fingers to grasp and rub.

I just wish I had one in every color ...

I love my teething necklace ! Seriously, I just wish I'd had one for every baby prior to Hayden.

Here's a little description from Etsy, where you'll find TheVintageHoneyShop ...


{LOVE 'EM} Our chic teething necklaces are made with premium 100% designer cotton fabric. Each necklace is beaded with natural, unfinished wood beads! The necklace is tied back into a cute bow with our satin ribbon! And unlike most fabric teething necklaces, we take the extra step to finish off the ends of each necklace with ribbon! No unsightly seams will be seen! Our necklaces are adjustable in length! The ribbon can be tied so that it is close to your collar bone or down to the breast line!

{ROCK 'EM} We use the latest designer fabrics that are on the market! We pick our fabrics to keep up with the latest trends! Our necklaces will be sure to rock your outfit! Who says that a new mama shouldn't look stylish & cute!!! But BEST of all.... YOU DON'T NEED TO BE A MAMA TO ROCK THIS NECKLACE!!!! This necklace is beautiful to wear on just about any occasion! A lot of our customers who buy this necklace don't even have babies!!

{CHOMP 'EM} Every Mama knows that the first thing that goes into their baby's mouth is your necklaces! With our teething necklaces, Mama doesn't have to worry about her baby’s sweet gums getting cut with our soft fabric! Many Mamas use our necklaces while breastfeeding/nursing their lil ones! They keep lil hands busy while they feed! Because the necklace is close to eye level, they provide great visual stimulation for your baby! Our necklaces encourage those first fine motor skills by grabbing onto our necklaces with their sweet lil hands!

{GRAB 'EM} This teething necklace comes with an all natural/unfinished wood ring knotted in the center. It gives your baby a focal point to look at and grab. It is the perfect size for baby's sweet lil' hands, and is safe for them to chomp on as well.

{CLEAN 'EM} To clean our teething necklaces, just hand wash with your favorite soap/detergent & air dry! Easy as that!

{GIVE 'EM} Perfect to give as a gift for a baby shower, a best friend, daughter or sister! Any gal would LOVE this necklace!! Every order is HAND WRAPPED in gray tissue paper & tied up into a bow with our yellow & white bakers twine! Ready to give as a gift (no receipt is added to package)! If you buy multiple necklaces & want them individually wrapped, please let us know in the 'note to seller' section at checkout.

{GET 'EM} All of our necklace are 'ready to be shipped', unless otherwise noted! We do our very best to have them shipped within 24-48 business hours! You will receive notification of shipment as soon as we ship your order, along with a tracking number (domestic orders only)! No additional charge!

{CUSTOMIZE 'EM} We do custom orders, so if you want this necklace in a different fabric, we will do our best to accommodate you! We can also add rosettes or a teething ring to just about any necklace (at an additional price), just contact us for custom design elements! All custom orders will be handmade for you within 7 business!

And guess what ?

Right now Lily's readers can enjoy 10% off any necklace from TheVintageHoneyShop just by using the code HONEYBEE10 at checkout.

Happy shopping !!


cathy said...

Hello Friend,
Just ordered 2!


Grammi Faith said...

I suppose you will be send a necklace to Lori and giving one to Monique. Presently I do not have any pregnant friends. :))))

I do think they are so clever.

Becca said...

Okay, so even without any babies or babies in my future, those are awesome! I am allergic to nickel, something that's found in many, many necklaces that have any metal on them. So seeing one in all cloth, in amazing colors totally catches my attention!

MamaV said...

Ooh, I am tempted!