Wednesday, February 27, 2013

To Hold You Dear

Last year I joined the Instagram craze and was instantly addicted. I love photography, I love finding new ideas for things, and I love connecting with other moms.

One of the moms I've grown to love is Kelsey Koslowski ...I love her photos, her beautiful family, her writing and most of all her passion for the Lord.

Kelsey began creating custom dolls a few months ago, and I was honored to be selected as one of five bloggers to debut her dolls. Kelsey worked with me every step of the way to produce this amazing keepsake for Lily...a look-alike doll that is beautifully crafted to resemble her in every way possible. I was able to choose the color of her hair, her outfit, and her almond shaped eyes. Kelsey even added moccasins and Lily's trademark loopy buns...and stitched "Lily" on the bottom of her shoe.

When I opened the box our doll was delivered in and unwrapped her, I almost cried. This is a doll Lily will treasure for years, and I was so touched that so much love went into crafting her.

And the icing on the cake was that Lily adores her as well !

Kelsey's Etsy shop, To Hold You Dear, already has so many orders for these fabulous dolls that she is backed up for months, but we wanted to give Lily's readers a chance to get on her waiting list. Please read below to find out how you can do so... please mention that Lily sent you when you contact Kelsey at


From To Hold You Dear:

Because of the large number of interested buyers, I am currently not accepting new orders but I am placing interested buyers on a waiting list. If you are interested in a doll please email me and I will be happy to add you to my waiting list! Thank you all so much for the overwhelming support! I am excited to make each and every one of your dolls!

A lovely, made to order doll, is certain to be a wonderful playmate for that special little one in your life. The doll you order will be similar to the one in the photos, but you will choose ALL the details that will make your doll perfect. I am able to make a girl OR boy doll for your little one, so princess or pirate, I can fill your order!

Your doll will be made of high quality, yarn she has no small parts making her safe for children to play with. Her face is embroidered and her clothing and accessories are not removable. She is approximately 15 inches tall. She has rooted hair and her quality construction and the attention to detail when creating her, means she will be a wonderful companion for years to come.

Because each doll is handmade by me, and because I will communicate closely with you and try to accommodate your requests to make you the perfect doll, I ask that you please allow two weeks for processing and then the appropriate amount of time for shipping. It is possible to have a doll rush ordered but you would need to discuss this with me and there would be a rush order charge.

When you are ready to order your doll, please send me a message specifying the following details for your doll. I have noted several color and accessory suggestions for each category but if you have a different thought in mind please include that in your order and I will do my very best to make that happen for you!



SKIN TONE: cream, light brown, dark brown, black

HAIR COLOR: red, light yellow, mustard yellow, light brown, dark brown, black, red, orange, pink, purple, blue, gray, white

HAIR STYLE: high pigtails, low pigtails, low pigtail braids, high pigtail braids, low ponytail, high ponytail, single braid, loose

HAIR LENGTH: short (only available if you keep her hair loose), medium, long

CLOTHING OPTIONS: My standard outfit for a girl is a party dress with sash, and for a boy would be a tshirt and pants. However, these are just the basics, I am willing to customize your outfit so when you place your order describe what you would like for your doll to wear and once your order is placed we can email back and forth about what exactly the outfit will look like. I cannot promise to be able to create EVERYTHING but I will always try my very best to make the outfit you would like!

SHOE: If you would like a short name (3 or 4 letters in length) or initials, embroidered on the sole of your dolls foot, please include that in your message as well.

Happy Thursday !!


Leah said...

too precious Lily & her doll!

JamesRock7 said...

I'd like to want one for my beautifyl Emy!! ;D

Lori said...

So SWEET!!!!

cara said...

PRECIOUS!!!! SO adorable that I think I need a doll for Benji. And he does not even play with dolls. But my girls would LOVE these! xoxo

teal915 said...

That is the cutest doll. said...

I've loved this doll ever since I saw her. Your Instagram profile photo is just perfect so don't change it!! ;)