Thursday, February 21, 2013

potty diaries continued

Thank you for ALL of your potty training advice the other day...if you missed that post, be sure to read the comment section there- lots of wisdom there for mamas of kiddos with special needs !!

We're making progress....

...and we also have mixed emotions about this process...

The plan has been to keep Lily confined to the kitchen area all day (avoiding accidents on the carpet) and give her loooots of liquids and salty snacks, thus encouraging lots of potty trips. We bought a hideous looking pink and purple dinosaur potty to help us with the process, and we do a potty dance when she makes it to the potty. All the kids gather around her and clap and cheer wildly for this event...we may break out party hats and confetti to rev things up if needed.

Meanwhile, Lily is becoming proficient at singing along with Rachel Coleman in the buff, to keep her happy in the kitchen. (Lily...not Rachel.)

It might be hard to catch, but she is getting tons of these signs right - elevator and fright !! stand out. (You can see her thrust her little arms out and gasp for "fright").

Here's another one, and you might notice her signing hug and kiss in this one :)

Lots to do today...Winners of the caption contest announced this weekend:)


Mrs. K said...

Loved the videos. what a smarty.

cara said...

Definitely a smarty for sure just like Mrs. K said!!! :) I was wondering what she was going to do when the food ran out, but she kept finding more, ha! LOVE the videos. So fun to watch Lily in action. And those pictures are perfect!!!! LOVE all of her precious expressions.


teal915 said...

We have that one too. Lily is so cute. Good signing!

Stephanie Willson Barsness said...

It is amazing how attentive she is to that face-paced video and so responsive as well! She really has the concept of signing down! What a wonderful way to facilitate her verbal language skills as well. Again, this speech pathologist is smiling BIG watching Lily in action. Always in your court.