Sunday, December 2, 2012

Merry Early Christmas

Hello, December !!!

This is a hodgepodge post with almost no smooth transitions from one thought to the next. Because it's late Sunday night and all of my kids are ferociously participating in a very LOUD game of Pit (is there any other way to play that game??!) and this is about all my brain can muster. I apologize in advance for the extreme randomness !

Are you ready? Here we go....

Someone was very excited to decorate for Christmas last week. She examined each and every ornament and kissed it before placing it on the tree :)



She was wearing the jammies her big sissy wore as a little girl. They're faded and show lots of wear, but they are so loved...the best kind of jammies !


I mentioned this on Instagram, but Lily is obsessed with pickles. And I do mean obsessed. She would eat the whole jar if I let her.


Notice her signing "pickle" above ? Her "p" is a little off, but I'm impressed anyway.

And here is the little pixie wearing the cutest pair of boots ever, that we found at a second hand store...I LOVE these boots.


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I'm on a mission to buy Lily a pair of moccasins like these for Christmas...


 I have searched all over the internet and found them with free shipping on Zappos (thank you, Kelle ;)) and the last pair of size fours sold just as I was checking out...I know, because there was a little "one left in stock" when I clicked on place in cart, and the next second it was gone. WAAAHH! So if any of you find a pair online in a size four - can you email me right away ?? Because apparently they are a hot item. And I really want to buy some for my Lilybird !


How is your Christmas shopping going? Do you have something for everyone on your list ? May I make a suggestion ?


Isn't it darling ?! There are loads of equally darling and yummy smelling products to shop from in Lily's Scentsy Store.

For the month of December ALL of my commission goes to Nanette from Reece's Rainbow...


Just visit Lily's Scentsy Shop and shop from Nanette's Basket Party during the month of December. Please leave a comment here letting me know you shopped there to be entered to win a $50 gift card to Target...


 Merry Early Christmas from Lily !!!

p.s. do NOT buy the game Pit for your kids this Christmas. Or ever. Just sayin.


Mrs. K said...

Love that belly sticking out of the PJ's. What a cutie patutie!!!

littlelola said...

Try ebay! or

littlelola said...

size 4 in pink at Nordies

Size 4 Pink Ebay

shantjoy2 said...

Shopped at Nanette's party

Jess said...

Hi! I'm visiting from the blog roll at A Brighter Sunshine.

I love how your daughter kissed each ornament before putting it on the tree. So precious!

And pit is one of my favorite games!

Monique Rice said...


Leah said...

Love the photos of lily & a very early merry christmas to you too!

cara said...

LOVE Lily's jammies!! And I also LOVE how she kissed every ornament before placing it on the tree. Benji was a bit afraid of our ornaments last night because the boys were being silly and acting like they were shocking them as they touched them. Don't ask me; silly boys!! But today Benji was a bit more curious.

I hope you are feeling better during this Christmas season!! xoxo

Natalia said...

Those boots are available at amazon, here's a link:

Patti said...

Natalia- I just bought them there this morning !!! So happy !! :):)

SoulFull Mama said...

Miss Patti....I cannot sen to find your email....but they have 10 dollar moccassins in size 4 at zulily today. They are not exactly like the ones in your pic, but they are under the Wadi & Austin sale.