Sunday, December 9, 2012

behind the scenes

Before Lily takes over this post I wanted to let you know about a very simple, easy way to help rescue an orphan this Christmas.

The Morris family has been working so hard to bring their beautiful girl Natasha home from Eastern Europe. I'll share Katrina's words with you, and I hope you listen to this mama's heart...

Hi Patti,

I know you are busy trying to raise money for your Angel Tree Baby, but I was hoping you might be able to put a plug in for our Amazon Link. Right now we have made $70 for the month but I would love to get up to at least $200. The more people who use it the more we make, and it doesn't cost them any extra to do it. 

People do not have to do anything special to use it. They just click on this link and shop like normal. They do have to checkout within a few hours of putting the stuff in their cart after using our link . But they will not see anything different when they check out. 

Natasha turns 7 this month. We are the 3rd family to try and adopt her and have been trying to adopt her now for 18 months because of her region's shut down, new rules in her country and expired paperwork. Our hearts ache to think that once again she will not be home for Christmas or her birthday. We are awaiting a court date any day now and are still short about $7,000 for our last trip. If you could just share our link that would help so much. People shop Amazon a lot at Christmas time and this does not cost them anymore to use. 

Here is a video we made for Christmas for Natasha too.

If you can help by blogging for us we would really appreciate it. 



If you are a blogger, could you share this information as well ? As Katrina said, it does not cost anything extra - just shop as you normally do on Amazon, but first click on the link above to begin your shopping.

Thank you !!


Hey friends, Lily here.

Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes here on A Perfect Lily ? Maybe you've been curious how my mom gets so many cute pictures of me on a regular basis? Well, today you're going to find out.

I should start by telling you that my mom works very hard to get me ready for mini photo shoots, dressing me in fun outfits and doing my hair, while setting the stage with little decorative props. But sometimes I just don't feel like having my picture taken, you know? I'd rather be playing with my brothers and sisters, or destroying their lego castles, or pulling my dog's tail, or getting into my mom's make-up. What's the fun of being a toddler if you have to act like a grown up all the time?

So here's just a small sample of what my heroic mom endures to provide you with darling photos of me on a regular basis.

Thursday's Photo Bomb Shoot...


My mom's big idea was for me to hold that cute reindeer and smile at it. See how it matches my shoes, and how there's a green bow in my hair ? Very Christmas-y. But there was a small problem.


I hated that stupid reindeer.


Really hated it.

My brother Tyler tried to get me to hold it while Mom squatted in her slippers on the cold deck. I thought it was kind of funny seeing her shivering in the cold while I refused to take that stupid reindeer. Especially because she was only wearing her jammies and no jacket, and I was dressed all nice and warm and pretty. She kept saying things like "Lily, look at the pretty reindeer!" and stuff like that, because she didn't want our neighbor to walk up and see her squatting in the cold in her jammies.


Tyler finally made me hold the stupid reindeer. Yuck.


His antlers were even crooked. Stupid ugly reindeer.


Then I saw our neighbor drive by. Hi, Neighbor !!


Neighbor ! Hey, neighbor ! Come over here and get me out of this dumb photo shoot  say hello!


Neighbor went inside.


Doesn't anybody CARE that I have to pose with a stupid old reindeer doll ?!?!


Maybe if I stand here pretending to cry they'll get me something to eat.


It worked !!!!


The world is a beautiful place again ...


I love reindeer. This one especially. Isn't he CUTE ???




So that's how we do it around here.

P.S. This was a good day. You should see me when I'm really at my stubborn-est !!  :D


Please don't forget about our iPad Mini giveaway for Nanette. Almost $600 has been raised in five days...thank you to all who have given !


Lori said...

So cute!!!

cathy said...

one of tHE funniest posts!


ps get any of my emails, friend?

teal915 said...

I saw Natasha on RR a while back and had been praying for her. Then, I saw she had a family, and I figured it was a done deal by now. I'll keep praying.

Anna Theurer said...

Oh my word. I am laughing so hard at miss Lily's antics.

Lily, my mommy does the same thing. She also makes all of these strange faces expecting me to laugh. She is so not funny so why would I laugh? These mommies and their cameras.-Ellie Bear

Mrs. K said...

Lily, thank you for my Monday morning laugh. Just tell Mama "payback is not fun" 'cause sometime your Mama would do the same thing to me when her Mama was trying to take her picture.;>)

crystalkupper said...

One of my favorites. :-)

Kathy McElhaney said...

Love, love, love this series! So cute and real.

Charlotte's Mama said...

Thank you for the laugh, Miss Lily! I needed that today.

Melissa said...

That is so Jesenia! <3

Heather said...

Lily keep at it sista!


eliz said...

ROTFLOL!! Ha-Ha!! Too funny. You should see my best buddy MA when she doesn't want us taking her picture! LOL! She holds a magazine in front of her face and says a naughty word! Oh- my!
(((HUGS))) You are adorable Miss Lily!

Sonya said...

That was much better than a good photo shoot!
I knew there was a reason I hadn't checked out my shopping cart at Amazon. Last night I hesitated check out my cart bc I was worried I was spending too much. Tonight I emptied it (just to be sure) clicked the link for the Morris family, and added it back in. I hope that helps!

nicole said...

Great story! Love the "pretend crying" picture.

Katrina said...

Patti, Thank you so much for sharing our Amazon link and thank you to all who have used or shared it also. We have now made $113 from it this month. Some people think their tiny orders don't help but they all add up. So I wanted to make sure everyone knew how grateful I am that you are taking the time to help us get Natasha home :)

Kelly Marin said...

Great adorable post today, ya made me laugh!

cara said...

Natasha is just precious!!! Thank you for sharing this.

LOVE all the antics behind these most adorable photo shoots. I have the hardest time getting pictures of Benji being still. SO, I do not know how you do it with Miss Lily. Usually I have to have him in a chair or something. He is always waddling around otherwise. And it is really hard to get him smiling with his siblings because he just wants to play with them or pull their hair or something. But these pics of Lily turned out perfect!! xoxo

mumofsix said...

Too funny! You are adorable even when grumpy xxx

Katrina said...

Patti, I wanted to let you and your readers know that we past our $200 goal for Amazon. We are at $220 right now. Thank you so much for everyone who used or shared our link. It is still available and we are so glad that it is helping to raise the almost $7,000 we still need to bring Natasha home. Natasha will hopefully be home in February at which time we will still keep the Amazon link up but we will use the money to support other families.