Monday, October 22, 2012

the power of prayer

Do I have a story to tell you....

As many of you already know, we've been hosting a matching grant campaign for a little girl on Reece's Rainbow named Celine.

At the beginning of October an anonymous family pledged to match dollar for dollar donations up to $5,000 for donations coming into Celine's grant fund on Reece's Rainbow. In addition, this family donated a Nikon camera valued at $500 as a prize. One random commenter will receive this camera when our match campaign is over.

In all honestly, this has been one of the slowest giveaways I've run on A Perfect Lily. I have no explanation, other than the fact that so many people in our community are giving to so many orphans...we're all spread pretty thin.

So on Saturday, I was staring at Celine's sweet face and looking with dismay at her grant fund...which had grown by less than $1700 this month. And our goal is $5,000. I sat there looking at Celine's face on my computer monitor, and asking God what it would take to get her to her goal.

And instantly a little (1) popped up on my gmail tab, alerting me to a new email that had just come in. I clicked on the tab, and there sat the most amazing email from a reader...she had just received an unexpected blessing and wanted to give a very large amount to Celine's grant. An amount that would get her very close to her goal.

I could not believe the timing of that email. I had literally just been staring at Celine's picture and praying !

But wait, there's more :)

Sunday morning I woke up to an email on my phone - another reader had just donated a very large sum as well. I could not believe my eyes- in less than 24 hours Celine was just a few hundred dollars away from our goal, versus thousands of dollars away.

I rushed to the computer to share the news with the faithful advocate who has been fundraising and praying and shouting for Celine for over two years- Leah Hardwick.

And that's when I remembered.

Last week Leah told me about a 24 hour prayer vigil she was starting for Celine on Friday night. She asked friends and family to join her in round the clock prayer for Celine - she asked people to take slots of time to fill that 24 hour period.

You know when those two women emailed me? In that 24 hour time period.


I think not.

Those two readers had no idea about Leah Hardwick's prayer vigil.

But GOD did.

He heard Leah's faithful prayers, and the prayers of others who joined her. He moved on the hearts of these readers- one in RUSSIA - and they donated to Celine.

I am a firm believer in the power of prayer. But moments like these just solidify my conviction that God truly moves in response to our hearts' cries...

The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. James 5:16

Little Celine is now just over $500 short of our goal. I do believe we will reach that goal by the end of the month. PLEASE spread the word that she is almost to her goal, and when she reaches it, she will have a whopping TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS added to her grant fund on Reece's Rainbow. You can go HERE to read contest details.

And now I have a personal request for my readers.

Due to confidentiality regarding foster care, I won't post a picture or a name here...but we need a miracle regarding our grandbaby K. My son and his wife have been parenting him since he was born- they brought him home from the hospital. He's 15 months old, and they are the only parents he's ever known. He is as much a part of our family as any baby could be, and he is the love of our lives. And we're facing losing him. Again, I can't go into details of why we don't feel that is in baby K's best interest here...but we need a miracle.

And if you have ever been involved in the foster care system, you know that as hard as many people work to do a good job of keeping kids safe, it is a flawed system. And no matter how much persuading good people do, and sometimes despite the efforts of some very concerned case workers- there is a "system" to deal with. One that lets innocent babies be returned to bad families, or in this case handed over to a stranger.

This weekend God showed me - again - that He can intervene in the affairs of men. He can move on hearts and move mountains. We need a mountain moved for baby K. We're holding a 24 hour prayer vigil starting tomorrow, Tuesday, at 6 p.m. We have family and friends who have each signed up for an hour of prayer all the way up to Wednesday at 6 p.m. If you are familiar with this situation- or even if you're a new reader- will you join us in prayer for a miracle? It's our hearts' desires to see baby K stay with the parents he knows and loves, the ones who have raised him since birth and who want to keep him in a safe and loving environment. If you can join us in prayer, we would so appreciate it.

Meanwhile, please continue to pray for Celine and if possible, help us reach our goal of $5,000 by the end of this month.

Much love,


stephen kopp said...

I have been praying but will pray even more during the prayer vigil. God's ways are not always ours but we must prevail and not give up.

Jessica said...

Yay! for Celine! I've prayed for her lots.

So sad about BabyK. I guess I was confused I thought he was adopted. :( I will be praying!!

eliz said...

praying for baby K.
Wonderful news for Celine!

Leah said...

My friend, I am still in awe of how awesome God is! Celines grant just keeps growing! Though I had already known it was nice to see that huge amount in her grant then when I read the full story on this post, again I was shocked. So happy about Celine! Just $510.15 to go!I will be praying for baby K

Tara said...

Oh, friend. My heart is in my throat when I think about baby K. Praying with everything in me that justice will be done for that child and for your family. He SEES. I know He does. Praying for all involved and that righteousness will prevail. Hugs to you and your family.

Sara said...

donated. Thank you sooo much for doing this Patty. I love Celine.

The Happy Half Dozen said...

So happy for Celine.

Losing baby K has me in tears though, I cannot imagine. Praying hard that all outside parties realize this is not in his best interest and that he has an amazing family right where he is. Praying for Jason, Naomi, and the rest of the Rice family during this awful time.

Holly said...

W will be keeping you and yours in our family prayers over the next few days.

Kellan's momma said...

I don't believe in coincidence, only God-timing. Leah has worked so hard for Celine, I'm so happy for both of them, now we just need a mommy to come forward for her! I will be praying for your grandson and and the right thing to be done by him. Blessings, Christina

Rachel Bretbunner said...

I will be praying for Baby K. Tuesday through Wednesday!

Anna Theurer said...

You got it! Praying for Baby K and for Celine.

Danielle said...

Thanks to all those who have been and will be praying!!
Love, Naomi

ckbrylliant said...

Praying for Baby K and Celine.

cara said...

God is always AMAZING!!! We have been praying and praying for precious baby K. He has been on my heart. And we will join with you all in the prayer vigil. We will continually be praying. It never ceases to amaze me how God works when we cry out to Him together.

SO happy for this news about Celine!! WIll keep praying for her too. Prayer is the foundation. And I will try to link this to FB for more support too and prayer. Love you Patti!!

Sonya said...

Thanks for your blog. I am very moved. My family and I donated tonight, in case you needed to know.

crystalkupper said...

Such great news about Celine. I so badly want the same thing to happen to my little boy Colt; he's 4 and facing the institution soon. I pray for him constantly.

And as far as Baby K: I totally understand. I grew up in a foster family and remember the very real fear of losing one in particular. She's now 16 and my adopted sister. But I know sometimes it doesn't work out that way. So I will be praying.

Karly said...

So happy to hear about celine's grant!!

praying for your family and Baby K!! So tough!

Been wanting to email you and update, but havn't found the words. I finally blogged about everything though.

I miss you! Love to you all.

Sylvia said...

Being through similar - praying!

Gretchen said...

Praying for Baby K to stay with the only Mommy & Daddy he has ever known.

Unknown said...

wow this is amazing....i am so excited to change her details within the link where is here mama?ooo i have goose bumps!! patti i love you and leah! oh and by the way...please dont think i have stopped posting about RR i have actually started a new blog for this....if you get a chance pop over xxxx