Monday, October 8, 2012

party for celine

Have you had a chance to enter our Saving Celine Giveaway? Over $700 has been raised in just a few days...we have the month of October to raise $5,000 in order for her to receive a matching grant of $5,000. You can go HERE for details.

Bluster warmer
Did you know there are 77 days left til Christmas?? Are you shopping yet? Well guess what? You can kill two birds with one Celine's Scentsy Party for your holiday shopping during the month of October, and all of my profit goes to Celine's grant fund on Reece's Rainbow.

Corten Warmer

 Scentsy warmers gently heat scented cubes of wax to create a wonderful aroma in your home. I loooove the fall flavors...

...and the darling holiday warmers....

Don't forget to shop Celine's Basket Party for the month of October !

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Leah said...

Yay ooh I love scentsy! thanks Patti for offering this up! Thanks everyone for donating & ordering for Celine!