Saturday, October 27, 2012

My Big Fat Pumpkin Patch Post Part One

This is part one of My Big Fat Pumpkin Patch Post. Because I didn't think anyone could handle viewing 60 photos in one post.

Be prepared for an overdose of pumpkins, produce, and posed pictures.

You've been warned.

Last Thursday we made our annual trek to the pumpkin patch. We had big plans to return to the Roloff Farms this year, because last year Sam was working and couldn't go with us. But since we didn't miraculously win the lottery (you can't win if you don't play?) he was not able to take a full day off work this year either. So instead we opted for Lone Pine Farms - a lovely farm just an hour away from us. We knew from having gone there two years ago that it was a great place to go, and we were excited to share the fun this year with Josiah and his wife, Monique.

I wish I could say that all things went according to plan...somehow I thought I told Mackenzie that even though we couldn't go to the Roloff's, we could still go to Lone Pine Farms on Thursday. We waited for her to come home from work for an hour and a half...she saw a picture of Lily dressed and ready "for our day at the pumpkin patch" on Instagram and immediately called me, heartbroken. She had a nanny interview and couldn't go with us- thankfully she got the job, so I think she's forgiven me. If not, I'll make it up to her by doing all her laundry for a week.

Oh wait, I do that anyway.

Moving on....

We missed Mackenzie greatly, but appreciated the use of her camera.

Welcome to Gourd Heaven....

I love gourds. Josiah had to restrain me from running up to this display and throwing myself on it.


Clearly my family wasn't as impressed as I was.

My love for gourds is second only to my love for fresh produce. Shiny, delicious looking, colorful fresh produce.

I die.

Maybe it's the raging pregnancy hormones, but I wanted to take three of these bad boys and sink my teeth into them right then and there. Don't they look DIVINE???

And this next picture just begs the question --

WHY can't my pantry look like this every day, WHY ??

Because I would weigh 400 pounds if it did, that's why. Because I could not resist spreading multiple pieces of toast with insane amounts of homemade preserves each morning, and poor Sam would have to roll me away from the breakfast table when I was done.

That's why.

See that sign above? The one that says Carmel Apples $5.00 ? If you saw that thing you would know why. I have never seen such a gigantic apple in all my life. It would have fed our whole family. I'm going back to get one next week. To share, promise !

I could have stayed in the market at the pumpkin patch the entire afternoon and been as happy as a clam.

me, getting high on Indian corn. I shoulda been a pilgrim, dangit !

My kids however, wanted to experience the rest of the wonders of Lone Pine Farms.

Jack. no further explanation neededed.

Jonathan and his tractor.

A note about the above picture. Josiah laughed so hard at Caleb and his "trick photography" I thought he was gonna pee his pants. We had to tell Caleb that this pose only works when you're facing forward.

What can I say, he's homeschooled.

Lily's favorite part of the day - the petting zoo !!!


Oh wait, that was two years ago.

There we go.

Talk about deja vu!

Noah so wanted to take this kid home with him.

Get it?  Kid??

She needs one !!!

Only when I edited this photo did I notice his pants. But I'm going to pretend we meant to send Caleb in holey pants. Because they look just like what real farmer's kids look like. Just wanted him to fit right in with y'all. 

Dang that guy is cute. I think I need to have his babies !

(This may or may not have been the first thing I said when I met him 28 years ago this month !!)

Jack.    Again, no further explanation needed.

Josiah and his lovely bride. Aren't they cuuuuuuuuuuute????

Even their shoes are cute !!!

And speaking of cuteness overload.....

Do you follow us on IG ?? That's Instagram for all you flip-phone users. I was like you too last month. You so need to get an iPhone. You don't know what you're missing. Namely these:

follow Lily on IG --  aperfectlily  

Stay tuned for part two !!!


crystalkupper said...

Lone Pine is a great place to go! I have fond memories there from childhood. Looks like you guys had a great time!

Jessica said...

Somehow I never realized Lone Pine had a petting zoo. I may just need to go there this week - my boys would love it.

In fact, If you meet us there (and bring as many of the troops as you please) I will buy you one enormous apple for yourself and one for the troops. Bwahaha. No really, I'd totally buy you an apple. =D

Amy said...

Love this post! Makes me homesick. No real pumpkin patches in the south! :(

Unknown said...

beautiful post, I love all the pics. I share your love of gourds so i was a little jealous of that gourd wonderland that you got to see. Have a bl;essed week :)

Dylan'sMommy316 said...

Seriously your kids?..too cute!! I do follow you guys on IG and look forward to Lily pics all the time! :-)

cara said...

Looks like a lot of fun!!! Cannot wait for the next round of pictures!!! They are wonderful. LOVE seeing the whole family together. You do not look like you are having raging pregnancy hormones in these pics. Much too pretty and glowing.


Anna Theurer said...

Very beautiful photos of a very lovely family!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely blog! Beautiful pictures as well. I'm a huge fan of gourds also. : ) Lily is so precious. Looks like a fun time!

Jennifer said...

Ahh I can't believe you went to Lone Pine and I'm in Russia!! That's like 5 minutes from my house!!! Next year, we'll join you!! :)

Jolene said...

My children refused to be called "kids" because they aren't baby goats! HA! What can I say? They are homeschooled!

Lori said...

So sweet!! Love all the pics!!