Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dear Alyssa, Part 2

Yesterday I began the day with a post called Dear Alyssa. It was an important post, and I hope you didn't miss it...I posted a few hours later with some exciting news, and I'm really hoping the first post didn't get lost in the shuffle.

Quite a few people left some wonderful comments on that post that I'd like to share here....

Ruth R
Some great ideas! I would also add, some people like to provide a child with a godmother or godfather figure in their lives at a dedication or christening service. They could also be someone who undertakes to look after a child's welfare if they were orphaned. If they also had a child with special needs, coming to a reciprocal arrangement where both families undertake to look after the other child as well as their own should it become necessary, might provide additional peace of mind? 

Team Lando
I'm going to add a few things.
1) Set us a special needs trust. Is this more expensive than raising a typical child? Yes, a one-time cost of $1000. Over 18 years, hardly makes a difference. Fund that trust with your life insurance.
2) Learn about the GOOD group homes. I have a friend on FB who lives in one. If Ellie ever had to live in a group home, I'd call this guy and his parents and see if they had a spot for her.
3) Create your own opportunities. I know plenty of girls Ellie's age with Down syndrome who could share a house, with weekly check ins from each family/friend, they could be independent.... in 18 years :)
I'm sorry Alyssa, but I've run a 4 bed group home in my home for 25 years and have never abused or stolen from any of my precious clients in that entire time. I LOVE them as if they are my family members. And they do become my family members too. Their families share them with us. This is a blessing. Two of our women have lived with us 25 and 23 years. One lived with us 16 years before she died. Many have come and gone. We LOVED each one as if God had sent them to our family. Several have had difficult behaviors. Some have attacked us. We do not take this personally. We LOVE what we do. Families do abuse and take advantage of other family members with disabilities, we have seen it and reported it.
Please join ARC and other groups in your area and as Patti mentioned, find good people. We know many good people who do this work on a small scale like us, we don't get rich, we LOVE our work, we earn an honest living, and we LOVE our clients. You can see MA and SP on my blog.
Tomorrow our group home gals are having their picture taken with our family as we prepare for our 17th adoption. Yes we currently have many children of our own, birth and adopted with disabilities and I have no worries (Praise God) about their lives with or without me.
I hope I do not sound rude, I'm just stating the facts as briefly as I can. :o) (((HUGS))

 Thank you ladies, for sharing these thoughts...and thank you from the bottom of my heart to all who left kind words of congratulations about our special news. I am in the throes of morning/noon/night sickness but so thrilled to know our little bean has a beating heart :)

Please do not forget about our Saving Celine Giveaway. So far $1,224 has been raised...our goal is $5,000 by the end of the month. Please pray, donate and share !!!

Happy Tuesday/Wednesday !!


Danielle said...

the last pic is DARLING!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs. K said...

OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS SAKES ALIVE....THIS IS MY FAVORITE. (ok I say that about all my Lily pictures but this one brought such a big smile and giggle from me.)

nicole said...

Such an adorable picture!

Unknown said...

i love these posts...its got me thinking! xx and again wow wow wow i am so happy for you xxx

Jo's Corner said...

Hi Patti ~ I JUST NOW hovered my mouse over your ultrasound and prayed: "Stay in there and grow strong, Little Bean!". And, then I read THIS post and saw that you had called him/her, "Little Bean", too. Made me smile! Congratulations on #13! Love, Jo