Saturday, October 6, 2012

break down

Yesterday was a hard day. I'm just being honest. I posted about an amazing offer from an anonymous donor - they're pledging a dollar matched for every dollar that comes in up to $5,000 for Celine's grant fund on Reece's Rainbow for the month of October.

As many of you in our community know, Leah Hardwick has been working FOR YEARS to raise Celine's grant fund. As long as I have been an advocate for Reece's Rainbow, I have watched Leah tirelessly and passionately raise her voice  for Celine. I don't know that I've ever seen such a long-term, prayer-filled effort as Leah's for one orphan. Thanks to her and so many others, Celine has a grant of over $10,000.

And yet still she waits.

She is seven years old.

Let that sink in- SEVEN YEARS she's been waiting for a family.

Do you see how smart this little girl is?

You know what that tells me?

She knows nobody has come for her.

She's watched as other children met their mamas and daddies for the first time, she saw the happiness and excitement of those "gotcha days", and she probably felt the rejection and confusion of those moments afterwards...when she was left behind.

And so yesterday I was thrilled to have the opportunity to help raise $10,000 for little Celine, thanks to the offer of a matching grant.

I know so many are giving to orphans. Our community does so much for so very many. So I totally "get" that people can only do so much. I totally get that.

But I went to bed feeling like a failure. Because Celine's grant grew by less than a hundred dollars yesterday. And I am praying for so much more.

I so want to see this little girl rescued. I know so many others do too. And so I started to wonder- is it that people don't have money to spare in these difficult times? I know our family has been hit hard by this economy. I know sometimes every dollar is needed just to cover our own family's needs.

But maybe...

Maybe there are some who don't think their small contribution will make a difference.

Maybe some do have ten dollars to spare, but they think - what's the use? What will ten dollars do in the big picture?

If that's what you've thought when you've read a giveaway post, let me break it down for you....

Lily's blog averages anywhere from 800 to 1,200 page views a day.

If just a fraction of those readers gave $10 each to Celine's grant fund...she would be fully funded today.

If every person who stopped by this blog gave just $5 to Celine's grant fund...she would be fully funded today.

That's why I'm not afraid to put a big goal out there like $5,000. This is an EASY thing to do. It doesn't take one huge donation, or even a few big donations.

It just takes each one of us playing a small part to make a big dream come true for a little girl in Eastern Europe.

I woke up this morning to a wonderful, and amazing and beautiful site-

Brent on the My Family Found Me page.

I've lost count of how many giveaways and blogposts I've done for Brent. And so many others have done the same. So many nights I went to bed praying for Brent, wondering if he would ever be rescued....and today he has a family.

Miracles do happen.

Will you help make one happen for Celine?


Leah said...

Praying every single day! My christmas stocking I have for her still hangs in my room since christmas of last year waiting with notes of love for her. I have been praying for her since July 2010, its time for her family to find her!

A pathologically information hungry mother said...

You are right... I will be honest, I don't feel the urge to donate for her that I would have felt for other kids. Maybe that's a horrible thing to say, of course I want her to have a family, just don't have that fire that wants me to take her home like now... But, I just donated 10 USD, because you are right, I can do that, and if everyone did that, regardless of how touched we feel or not feel, she would be fine... You are right!!!

cara said...

Oh Patti- this is SO true!! If everyone just donated $10, then she could be fully funded. I have had friends tell me before that they have no money to donate to these kids or they would. They just do not realize that in these fundraisers every dollar truly matters. They think that their $5, $10, $20 donation will not make a difference. But it does!! It really does!! It ALL adds up. I have thought that before too, but then I have watched these fundraisers you have been doing from the beginning. And I have seen how fast money is raised. Many times by small donations all coming together.

I did not know you were doing this for Celine. I will go donate for her too. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Done. Hope she finds her perfect family soon. Thanks for being her voice x

cara said...

Well, for some reason, it was not taking any of my cards or allowing me to donate through my paypal account. Not sure if it is something on my end. I will try again tomorrow when we get to Jon's parents' house.

You are a voice for the voiceless!! xoxo

cara said...

Saying it went through now!! Yea!! I wish I could post this on FB. I still have not figured out how to do that without you being on FB with the link. I am sure it is quite simple, but I am still in the dark ages at times. I will see what I can do. Love to you Patti!!

Katrina said...

Praying for sweet Celine to find her family. I met her in July and she is so adorable.

Unknown said...

Just donated to Celine. Praying for her.

Unknown said...

ive been too scared to ask my husband for another donation!!! Dont get me wrong, he's not some ogre or anything, he just doesn't 'get it!' But Patti you are so right! In the morning I will pluck up my courage and ask! love you patti! xxxx

Leah said...

Thanks Jane you rock!

Mattykool said...

I am so proud to have sister in Leah Hardwick. She is kind and caring and generous through and through. Being her brother has allowed me to see her and hear her cry out to those around her begging for support for Celine and many other children who need help. Because of how much she has moved me in her passion, and because of the incredibly reasonable challenge that you, Ms. Patti, have presented on your blog: I want to help. As a college kid, I can't do much, but I just want to say that what you said was powerful, and it rings true in my head.
So keep pushing and don't give up hope; your words have broken through to one more person.