Saturday, October 27, 2012


I fell off the 31 for 21 bandwagon.


Baby number eleven is determined to prove to the world that he/she is growing healthily (is that a word? I hope so) by triggering multiplied thousands of pregnancy hormones to inflict their side effects on my happy and willing self. I threw in the white flag...or towel...or something...earlier this week and decided to focus my efforts on keeping small amounts of food down and taking care of our family as best as I could from the couch, rather than blogging every day on top of everything.

I hope you understand. Pretty please???

Meanwhile, I have over 60 photos from a day at the pumpkin patch to upload and re-size...miraculously I was only mildly dizzy/sick on Thursday and we had a FANTABULOUS day at Lone Pine Farms picking pumpkins.

More goodness to come, AND the winner of the Nikon camera from our Saving Celine Giveaway.

Happy weekend !!


Jennifer said...

Being pregnant now I completely understand! Take care of yourself and all your babies and I will look forward to your posts when you can.

Kiara Buechler said...

Have you been this sick with every pregnancy?