Monday, September 17, 2012

praying for chloe

This weekend I received an email from my sweet friend, Beth Herrington. This past summer while Beth and her husband were traveling to Eastern Europe to bring home their precious Livvy Mae, she wrote  an amazing post about her experience there. I asked her for permission to re-post it here then, as her words just moved my heart.

When I read Beth's email yesterday morning, my heart sank. I have been so behind on blog reading since our move - somehow I missed that her beautiful and spunky daughter, Chloe, was diagnosed with leukemia while they were in U******.

Chloe has been undergoing chemotherapy for leukemia and will be spending the next 6-9 months in the hospital. I can't imagine the strain this must place on Beth and her family, after just bringing home Livvy. I'm asking Lily's readers to join with me in prayer for the Herrington family and especially for little Chloe.

You can grab the button I made for Chloe off Lily's sidebar to the right...if you click directly on the button it takes you to her facebook page, Chloe's Corner. If you'd like to install the prayer button on your own blog, just click the "grab this button" box.

Beth sent me this ADORABLE video of Chloe proudly displaying that dancing gene, even in the midst of chemo.

We love you, Chloe !!

Please, please don't forget to pray for Chloe, now and in the upcoming months of treatment... and drop by Chloe's Corner to let her family know you are doing so.


Anna Theurer said...

Sweet Chloe and her family have my prayers

Mrs. K said...

I am having to take deep breaths here. Oh Sweet Sweet Chloe, please know that I will be praying for her. I am still praying for Gabe's family to keep on pulling their strength from the Almighty.

cara said...

Oh, I saw this precious video on FB. She is SO sweet. I will be praying for Chloe. I cannot imagine what they are going through.

Natasha said...

Praying for Chloe, couldnt bear to have to go through this

Karly said...

Love seeing precious Coco on your blog, and knowing that so many more are praying for her now. Miss you