Tuesday, August 14, 2012

waiting angels

She's everything to me. She lights up my days with her crinkly-eyed smile and her deep belly laugh. There's not a night that goes by that I don't tuck her into bed and kiss her soft forehead and thank God that He didn't answer my prayer...the one that asked Him for a baby without Down syndrome.

Because if He didn't give me her...

...then I might not know about her...

Date of Birth: September 2008
Gender: Female
Nature: Calm

Diagnosis: Down syndrome

Waiting for her mama, single moms and married couples welcome.   

$2316.50 is available towards the cost of my adoption.

Go HERE to learn more about Carmen.

And I might not know about her....

Born October 2006
Diagnosis: Down syndrome

Robyn is a darling girl of Roma heritage.  She is almost 6 now and has likely been transferred to an institution.    
$4802.61 is available towards the cost of my adoption.

Go HERE to learn more about Robyn.

And I might not know about her....

Birth Date: February 2007

Diagnosis: Down syndrome, heart defect – she needs surgery.

This little one has been waiting SO long. She has a significant heart defect and needs to see a cardiologist.  She is doing ok for now, but definitely needs a family quickly.

$8249.15 is available towards the cost of my adoption. 
Go HERE to learn more about Lilly.

These precious angels are waiting to find their forever families. Are you the answer to their prayers?


The Happy Half Dozen said...

If it were not for Lily we would not be working on our homestudy :) We would not know about Reece's Rainbow. We would not be as blessed as we are today, even from across the country!

cara said...

Oh, once again their faces just melt me. Thank you for sharing Patti. xoxo

cara said...

Oh, and that picture of Lily!!!! Melts me.

Sarah said...

Thank you SOOO MUCH Patti for blogging about Lilly!!! We are still working hard to find her a family, and we just need people to spread the word! :)

Fundraising blog for Lilly - handiworkforelijah.blogspot.com

AElise said...
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