Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Call (and iPad winner)

The Call 

by Kelly Dirkes

Her faithful emails always start with an upbeat “hello Marusiya and Mama!”  I can almost hear the cheer in her voice.  All that’s missing is the warm, strong hug we’d be enveloped in if we were standing in the director’s office.

Her now familiar greeting was absent from her last email.

It simply started with an anguished, desperate plea.

Please help me find mamas and papas for them.

My heart sank.

I remember Nanette’s blue eyes widening when she saw me walk into her groupa room with Charlotte on our last visit to the baby house.  She was accustomed to seeing the other children and the staff come and go, but I was a novelty.  She scooted to the railing of her playpen and struggled mightily to pull herself up.  She nestled easily into my shoulder and began to absent mindedly play with my necklace.  For a few minutes, I stood and rocked both girls—Charlotte on my right hip and Nanette on my left.  Noticing that she was getting drowsy, a caretaker came to take her to her bed.  She waved a chubby hand at us from over the caretaker’s shoulder.

Nanette, July 2012.

I wonder what she dreamt about.

I remember the moment when Kacey laid her scarred hands in my lap and stole my heart.  She questioned if she had a mama—and if I was it.  She clung to my leg daily when I brought Charlotte back to her groupa room at the end of our visits.  She smiled as I stroked her hair and told her just how pretty she was.  She hugged our Charlotte goodbye on Gotcha Day—and undoubtedly has done the same for the other children who have been chosen.

Kacey, July 2012.

Nanette and Kacey are facing imminent transfer.  They will leave the only home and family that they have ever known.  Where they are now, they are loved and appreciated for the beautiful little girls that they are.  Where they are going will likely not be the same.

Their director has been their voice and their champion for the last four years.  There is nothing more that she can do for them.  She cannot save them from the natural passage of time.

Is Nanette your daughter?  Is Kacey your daughter?

If you think either one might be, please contact me so I can connect you with an agency that works in her region and country.

If adopting is not something you can do right now, please share this blog post and their pictures.

Can you answer the call?


The winner of our Three For Three Ipad Giveaway is :

Amy Boroughs 

Amy, please contact me via email with your info so we can send you your new iPad :)


Danielle said...

Breaks my heart. I cant imagine going to get my one and having all the others beg for me to take them home. Prayin for these babies. Maybe someday it might be me...

Ellie said...

I was trying to find you on FB, I guess I missed your announcement either on FB or this blog about deleting/suspending/closing(?) your FB account. I was hoping to send you a private message, so when you have time do you mind sending me an email so that I can ask you something? Thanks Patti.

I haven't been to the blog lately, and Lily looks like such a big girl! Gorgeous.

cara said...

Oh their faces just melt me!!!! I wish I could go get them today. Thank you for sharing Patti. I will be praying for them.