Friday, August 24, 2012

last day

It's the last day to enter our no greater gift giveaway and win one of these...

Over $1,000 has been raised for the Quinn family's adoption - thank you so much to all who have donated!!  Ashley has til midnight to raise the remaining $809 to receive the matching anonymous donor is pledging $1,000 if they can raise that amount. Please go HERE to donate two dollars or more to be entered to win one of the beautiful nest necklaces pictured above. Leave a comment here, or on our giveaway post stating that you donated. Winner will be drawn tomorrow.


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cara said...

Looks like they will make their goal from what I am seeing on FB!!! SO excited for them. Their new baby girl is just a doll. Praying it all comes in. What a sweet daughter they have to work so hard to raise this money while they are gone. xoxo