Saturday, August 25, 2012

goal met, a winner, and little miss stubborn

A HUGE thank you to all who donated to the Quinn family's adoption fund- they met their goal of raising $2,000 in one week...they will now receive the matching $1,000 grant donated by an anonymous giver!! Thank you from the Quinn family for helping spread the word about their adoption and fundraising efforts. You can continue to follow their journey HERE as they bring baby Kamdyn home.

The winner of the beautiful Mother's Nest necklace is...

Lisa I donated too :)

Please contact me with your email address so I can put you in touch with Elisabeth from No Greater Gift !


In other news...

...our little spitfire is learning lots of new sounds and words these days. She just started speech therapy two weeks ago, and thanks to some helpful hints we are seeing new sounds emerge every day. One of her new words is "hi" and occasionally we hear her combine it with "dada"...but only when Lily wants to say it, as demonstrated by the video below ;)

Happy weekend!!


cara said...

SO happy for the Quinns!!! Cannot wait to see that baby girl home in their arms.

Benji does that same thing. He only signs or says words when he wants to. Glad to know that there are other kiddos out there doing the same thing because none of my other kids were so stubborn about communicating. When his therapists try to get him to sign, he will take his hands and put them down by his side. Or one time he even showed her he was hiding his hand in his shirt. Sometimes I have thought it is because they try to get him to sign so much for everything. For example, when he is starving, I feed him. I will ask him if he wants more or is done after I think he may be getting full. His therapist will make him sign for more many, many times during his feeding before he can have another bite. I think he gets frustrated with having to do that so much. Not sure though? But now that he is saying some words, he does what Lily does to us too. Or he will say them really quietly under his breath. It is funny.

That is precious watching Lily say hi to her daddy. She is very smart!!!xoxo

Jolene said...

That little stinker! What a precious sweetheart!

cathy said...

Oh Patti,
She is TOO much!!!

Bless her


Lori said...

What a big girl!! I love how she says "hi dad!", but I love love love when she says "no" with that pucker!! Love that cute little smile accompanied by that sassy little head shake....what a riot!!!

nicole said...

That little stinker knows exactly what she's doing!

Mrs. K said...

Nothing wrong with Lils comprehension. What a tease!!!

Unknown said...

So cute - sassy one! You go Lily! I love it!!

Meriah said...

I know this is off topic, but Patti, EVERY TIME I see a photo of Lily on the floor, I can't help but marvel at how CLEAN your floor always is.

How do you do it?

Maybe one day you can write a post for people like me, Fly Lady Style, how to keep your place clean like me in 5 easy steps?!!

Patti said...

Meriah, too funny:) I am o/c about my floors. So it helps that I have lots of slave labor here. Each child has a "zone" that is theirs for the day...we switch every day so they don't get bored. Every morning after breakfast they do their zone- which includes sweeping or vacuuming their zone. It totally saves on our carpet cleaning bill, and you would not believe how quickly the vacuum fills up after ONE day. Just shows how much stuff gets dragged in every day. We also have a no shoe policy in our house and we stick to it, so I think that helps tremendously.
SO my dirty little secret? Have loooots of kids and assign them zones ;)