Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Dear Everybody,

My mom has been unpacking boxes FOREVER. And she almost had a heart attack when my dad told her a week and a half ago that Comcast couldn't come to our new house for a long time to set up our internet. I was pretty miffed myself. After all, I have a lot of friends I keep up with online. Friends like Addison and Russell and Pudge and Biggs and Moxie and Nella and George and ...you get the picture. I was not a happy gal.

Only guess what??

The Comcast guy came today and Mom ran out the front door and did a happy dance for all the new neighbors to see !!

Just kidding.

But she did do one behind the door.

So now that we're back online I have SO much to tell you.

I love my new house. I mean realllly love it.

It's up in the hills instead of looking out over a sheep pasture. I miss my sheep, but guess what I get to see every.single.day?

Oh, deer.

 Oh deer, oh deer, oh deer.

They're everywhere!

this isn't my house. it's just down the street from mine, though. we go on walks all the time now!

We see them in people's yards, when we're driving to the store, when we go on walks, they come in our backyard late at night and eat our rose bushes.... we see big bucks with antlers, we see mamas with their little fawns, and yesterday my brothers and sister went on a walk with Monique and saw SEVEN deer ! Mama says she misses our sheep, but our deer are sooo much prettier.

And so are the views!!

This was a walk we went on the other day. There are trails all over our neighborhood.

 They lead to the sweetest places - waterfalls and brooks and bridges

 and secret forts and forests and lookout spots.

You don't know what a lookout spot is? My brothers found one. They MADE my mom go back with them to see it. They told her she had to close her eyes til she got to the top.

 My mom had a really hard time when we first moved here. She missed our old house so much. She says it's because we had so many memories there. I heard her crying one night, telling my dad she felt like someone died. That's how sentimental my mom is!

But guess what? She says she's starting to be friends with our new house. She said she keeps getting little glimpses of beauty in unexpected places that make her feel like everything is going to be alright.

our sunroom- my mom's favorite spot!

And meanwhile, I'm just making myself right at home.

My dad told my mom that the more memories we make here- family meals, and game nights, and playing in our backyard, and gardening, and spending holidays here...

...it will start to feel like home.

And now I have to go on a walk with my mom, but before I do, I have one more thing I have to tell you about.

 Mama says that there is something else that's going to make it feel like a new home- a new little niece for me to play with !!!!

I hope you can help my big brother and his wife bring her HOME!

Love always,

Lily oxoxox


nicole said...

So glad you like your new home Lily and I'm sure your Mom will have some great memories made their soon. And I donated to your new niece ~ can't wait to see pictures of you two together!

lovemy3 said...

Lily, we have missed your smiling face! So glad to hear the move went well and everyone is settled in!

cathy said...

Welcome to your new home & SO happy to see all of you, back!


sunnylattegma said...

I love it!!!! And yes, I am absolutely jealous.

Baking here in 114* weather....

I am blessed because you are. : )


JC said...

Yaay, you're back! I think the new place looks lovely and in a beautiful location! I understand missing the old house though, it would be hard to say goodbye to a home that held such dear memories....But it looks like you are all well on your way to creating new ones in the new house :)

Mrs. K said...

Oh my goodness gracious!!!! Your new neighborhood looks ABSOLUTELY beautiful. Can hardly wait to see it for myself. I sure was missing one of my favorite family blogs. Love ya all, Grammi. xoxoxoxoxoxo

My name is Sarah said...

Well Miss Lily, you and Sarah have one more thing in common...deer. They are eating up all of our plants and the other night when we came home one was trying to get our mail. We hope you and your family love your new house and neighborhood.

Krista said...

Oh Congratulations Patti, it looks wonderful!!! I want to visit...no, I really want to visit. And we are so glad to have you and Lily back!!

Rochelle said...

Looks like a little slice of heaven right in your backyard. Beautiful! Glad you are digging out from all the boxes and are back online.

Becca said...

SO beautiful!! Congratulations! And welcome back. :-) Btw, if you get the opportunity, kick Comcast to the curb. We've never been so happy with our internet and cable service as when we got rid of them. LOL

April Vernon said...

Levi, Adam & I would love to go on one of those beautiful walks with you! Looks like you are starting to make that house a home! Enjoy. Great news that Ariah Sage will be joining your family! Welcome back to the Internet!

Keri Jo said...

So glad you found a new place with lots of space for the kids to explore. The scenery is beautiful. And how fun for the deer unless of course you plan on having a garden!
Also very excited for the new grandbaby coming!

teal915 said...

I just read their adoption story. Amazing. And I'm glad you're back. I missed seeing Lily. I shared her IDSC picture the other day. She's adorable.

Marci said...

So happy you guys are enjoying your new home! Can't wait to hear of all the new memories and adventures there.

I REALLY wish I had some extra money at the moment, I would donate for a new niece for Lily in a heartbeat! Thankfully, I know that I can still pray for them!

Lisa L said...

So glad that things are getting easier at the new place. We are in the same situation and will be moving at the end of the month. This house was supposed to be the home our kids grew up in - funny how things change!! Praying that God has great plans for us all in these moves!!

Donated to Jason and Naomi!! Such exciting news!! Have followed the story of baby K for awhile. Prayers!!

Patti said...

thank you to everyone for donating and praying- you all are the sweetest!

Lisa L- praying for your move:)

Tricia- thank you for sharing her photo!

Marci- prayers are just as important, thank you so much. oxox

Keri Jo- I think we need to invest in new locks for the side gates :/

April- if you're ever in OR you better come visit us!

Becca- got your email, I think Comcast is our only choice :P

Joyce- I owe you an email! We've been missing Sarah, so glad to be back online!

Krista- no, you REALLY need to come visit us.

Rochelle- I am digging my way out but feel like I have a looooong way to go. Where did we get all this stuff?!

Jenny- I've missed you too! kisses to Russell from Lils.

Barb- sooo glad we got delivered from AZ...you are in my prayers ;)

Mom- when are you guys coming to visit?!

Nicole and Cathy- thank you for allllllways loving us and donating to every single thing I link to :)

Michelle- I think you win the most faithful commenter award:) Love you!!

Lori said...

Looks awesome!!! Love you ills!!

my family said...

i have missed you and mommy, you r house looks so pretty. congrats to your brother and SIL

cara said...

I can hardly even type Miss Lily because I cannot wait to go see the news about the new, I know much anticipated, baby!!!!!! How exciting!!!!!!

SO glad you are loving your new home and adjusting well. I think your daddy is right, and I know your mommy will begin to love it more and more. Please tell her I am praying for her!!!! Love to you all.

Race Bannon said...

I like your new house better. I'ma git my rifle, be right there, told thems deer to hold on a minute...

Melissa said...

Glad you love the new house. The sunroom looks fabulous!