Monday, June 25, 2012

sharing my heart

I told myself I wasn't going to do it.
I'm in the middle of a moving project- which for our family is like transferring a small army.

I have boxes lining my walls, laundry coming out my ears, and I'm pretty sure Lily is covered in packing tape and black sharpie ink at the moment...I really don't even know what day it is, except T Minus 5 days 'til moving day.

I have a list of to-do's that stretches across the living room, through the front door and down our eternally long arborvitae-lined driveway. And that's just today's to-do's.
 So I told myself I could not possibly fit any fundraising in for this month or next.

However, several little angels crawled up into my heart this weekend and refused to budge....

Emilie and Abigail's parents are leaving in just a few weeks to see them for the first time. They have been HARD at work, hosting pancake feeds, pizza parties, garage sales, selling darling handmade drawstring bags, hosting a puzzle fundraiser (still ongoing!)... and Jennifer messaged me the other day that she might be willing to auction off her organs as well. 

Just making sure you were reading. But she really did message me that.

Because Jennifer is like that- she would sell her organs or give you the shirt off her back if she thought it would save an orphan. She is one of the sweetest mamas in blogland I have the privilege of knowing, always helping other adoptive moms in spite of the desperate need they face in fundraising themselves. 

I am blessed to "know" Jennifer through blogging....last summer she found Lily's blog through a friend's FB link...started reading blog after blog promoting Reece's Rainbow...felt stirred to adopt a child with special needs... and today she and her husband are getting ready to travel to Eastern Europe to meet their TWO daughters.

And the biggest thrill for me?

Jennifer lives 45 minutes away from me. 

I am going to finally get to meet some of the orphans I've been praying for !!!

Plus Jennifer is pretty cool herself ;)

SO why am I telling you all this?

The Willis family is about two weeks away from traveling. Because of increased and unexpected costs, not the least of which are summer airline rates, they are about $500 short for this trip. They've already raised $14,000, and believe me when I say this family has done everything short of organ sale to do that. 

I have a feeling Lily's readers could meet that need in a day. Because I've seen you help raise about ten times that amount in a day recently for the Dewberry family.

You can go HERE to donate to the Willis family.

The next little angels to crawl up inside my heart?

Look at those beautiful girls!!! Olga and Vanessa. Priceless treasures, being rescued by the Abell family. Their mama emailed me over the weekend, and they are in desperate need themselves of finances for their next two trips. They've already traveled once to visit their girls- they're waiting on a court date, and like the Willis family, they face extra unexpected costs.

I've lost count of how many fundraisers the Abells have held to bring their girls home. They've been hard at work for a year and a half, and they are praying like crazy for miracle money.
Those two little angels have been waiting all their lives for a family. They have three big sisters waiting to spoil them to death when they get home, and an Auntie Patti who can't wait to shower them with hugs as well.

Jenn is also one of those sweet mamas who goes around promoting and helping everybody else's adoptions, even when their own financial needs are so great. She emailed me when they were in Eastern Europe telling me how much she dreaded coming home to have to fundraise again. The judge from the region the girls are in required extra visits for the girls, meaning extra time spent in country, which means extra time off work for Chris. This is part of the hard work of adoption- sometimes things take longer and cost more than you originally planned.

One of Jenn's friends is hosting a FANTASTIC auction for this adoption. SO many wonderful items are being auctioned off...

Please go HERE to find out how to bid on items and help rescue Olga and Vanessa.

And finally....

Little Oksana!

This little princess has a sweet single mama committed to her adoption. I love what Jody's FSP page says about her family's decision to adopt Oksana:

She and her children believe that they are called by God to minister to orphans and through such ministering bring glory to God.  Her oldest son says, “Having a family means more to me than anything and I cannot imagine not having that.  I think we should share our family with someone who needs it …”

Oksana is six years old and in desperate need of being rescued quickly. I am so touched by the heart of Jody, already facing the challenges of being a single mom, and now opening up her home to a child with special needs. I would love, love, love to see Lily's readers give The Johnson Family's family sponsorship page a boost this week to help speed up this adoption.

And because I am going to be posting so sporadically this week, I thought I'd give you a glimpse  of another little angel who has crawled up into my heart....

thank you for my pretty dress, Grammi !!

Have a wonderful week !!!

Love, Patti


Lu, Poppies Blooming said...

Thank you for sharing all of these needs! AND of course, for sharing your precious little princess! She is so darling! Love you sweet friend! <3

Mrs. K said...

OH my pretty little princess. What a sweet sweet smile. I made Grammi smile too.

Amy said...

Patti, thank you so much for taking the time to spread awareness for these families. I know from experience it often feels like families adopting from this country in particular get the short end of the stick when it comes to advocacy and people spreading the word for fundraisers etc. when it is one of the most expensive countries to adopt from. I am super jealous you live so close to Jenn also and will get to meet her lil sweeties!! xoxo Lily is precious as always- good luck with the move!

Meriah said...

"we're who willis was talking about" - LOL!
Good luck with the move

nicole said...

Donated to the Willis family ~ thanks for sharing!

Jennifer said...

Patti - thank you so much. :) Your support means SO much to us!!! XOXO

kimk said...

Hello Patti,
I have been reading your blog now and then (you know how hard it is for mom to get computer time) for about a year. Im really not sure how I first came across A Perfect Lily, I think either through Jaxson's mommy or Julia, Aarons mom. I am also a RR lover (or stalker as my husband would say) Anyway, I do not think I have ever left a comment before.
I thought you might like to see another puzzle piece in Charli's (NZ BABAY) miracle.
Our youngest son has DS and a form of hypoplastic right heart. 4 years ago we went to Boston (against the advice of our local surgeon who had already performed 2 open heart surgeries on our then 14 month old son and was going to continue the single ventricle route, despite knowing no child with Ds ever reached double digits with this type of circulation. : (
Long story, but a wonderful one, God working through Dr del Nido gave our son, 4 working chambers and today,Will is a lovely, energetic, fun loving 5 yr old boy! He is our families joy, no need to go on, you know what I mean!
I always look for kids like Will, last Jan I found Gabe McAllister through care pages and his mother blog, and his parents quickly returned my email and you know the rest.
Julia told me about Charli and I have since messaged with Kylee. God working another miracle here!
I would love to help you with a fund do so well.
please email me
Happy moving, kim

The Browning Family said...

Thanks for sharing. I donated a matryoshka doll dress to that auction for the Abells. Thought of you! ;) Need Lilly's size for her own dress ...
Sending love your way


Karly said...

I love each one of these precious families! Thankyou for helping them. What a blessing

The Tiny Team said...

I love these families! Thank you for spreading the word about them! These kids need to be HOME already! Thanks for helping bridge the gap!


cara said...

Oh, those pictures of Lily!!!! Melt me, melt me, melt me!!!!
How do you pack with that cute face wherever you go???

Jon just gave Abigail some money that he owed her. She told me yesterday, I believe, that she felt that she should give it to the Abell's for Olga. And then now I am reading this. Perfect timing!!! God is GOOD!! I know that everything adds up to help make that difference. What a blessing you are helping these families in spite of everything going on.