Friday, May 18, 2012

amaaaazing news

Go HERE to read :)


Rochelle said...

Sitting here with tears rolling down my cheeks. Thank you Father for answered prayers for this family.
I LOVE it, love all the pictures. I can hear everyone squealing in delight!
What an amazing home this will be!

cara said...

I had a hard time commenting on Notes from Home, so I will comment on here.

Oh Patti!!!!!! This just blesses my heart SO much. I checked out your blog in the van tonight on the road. So, when I opened up to see this, our whole family got to read this together and REJOICE with you. We have been praying for this. And for healing for you all. We have been praying at church too. This is truly AMAZING news. God is GOOD!! I LOVE the house. It is perfect for you all. Thank you SO much for sharing. We are praising God out here in CA. Much love to you all. xoxo