Saturday, February 4, 2012

thank you

A huge thank you to every reader who helped make a Six Day Miracle happen (in a day and a half!) for the Dirkes family. They will be traveling in just a few days to see Charlotte, and to attend court for her adoption. Her region requires a 30 day wait, so next month they will return to bring her home for good.
I am beyond amazed at what this community did for the Dirkes family. Almost $11,000 raised in just a few days. Astounding.

I am still asking for your help in moving that little green bar on the chip-in on my sidebar to 100%. To help move that along I'm donating all of my Scentsy commission this month on Charlotte's Basket Party to the Dirkes family.

All products from Scentsy are ten percent off this month...and there are some sweet new warmers and scents to pick from. Check out the newest scent, Pixie....


Pixie Scentsy Bar

A mischievous moonscape of pink pepper, mandarin, and heliotrope, deepened by exotic teakwood and vanilla oak.

Or this darling new warmer ....

Flutterby Full-Size Scentsy Warmer PREMIUM

Conjure the magic of the first green signs of spring with Flutterby. Fanciful butterfly cutouts cast delightful shadows on the wall when lit.  $31.50 this month only.

Also- Scentsy bricks are about to be discontinued...if you have a favorite scent, now is the time to stock up on bricks at only $18, because after this month they will no longer be available. Bricks are the equivalent of 5 bars, which are normally $5 apiece... so if you buy a brick at $18, you are getting a huge discount!

Go to Lily's Scentsy Store to shop and make sure you click on Charlotte's Basket bring Charlotte home!


cathy said...

you are tempting me, my dear friend, to buy more!!!!


Elissa said...

I STILL do not have a Scentsy burner. :-) Might be time to buy one, so I can burn the bar I won. Hmm....

Kellan's momma said...

Ooooo....I love this warmer! You may have talked me into it!

Line-Marie said...

Hi Patti!!

So hard to resist these Scentsy products!! I want them all!! I wish I could use Paypal for it!!

I'm just leaving a comment here from work, so you can see my IP.. maybe?! I'm in Ottawa right now!!

Have a great day,