Wednesday, February 15, 2012

please pray

Before I say anything else here, I have two big favors.

 #1 ... one of Lily's readers, Julie, emailed me a few days ago to ask for prayer for her pastor's daughter, Kim Boling. Kim developed a bacterial infection that went from bad to worse within just a few days. Tonight Kim went to be with the Lord...she left behind a husband and four young children, one of whom turned eleven today- the day her mama died. Will you please lift the Boling family up in prayer, as well as those who loved her? I realize this prayer request is unrelated to Down syndrome or orphan rescue, but my heart just goes out to this family.

#2 .... one of my friends, whom I met through blogging, is in the hospital tonight. Elizabeth has been undergoing treatment for invasive lobular carcinoma for the past three years. Among other things she is battling, she has pneumonia right now, and is missing all five of her children terribly while she receives care in the hospital. Elizabeth has a son with Down syndrome named George, as well as one of the biggest hearts for orphans of anybody I know. It would take me at least five blog posts to tell all that she's done for orphans the past few months- not the least of which was write to her good friend, Ann Voskamp, to ask her to autograph three copies of her book for our giveaway for Artem last October.

Over the past few months, Elizabeth has gathered a group of her friends together via email - she's woven our hearts together, and some day I'm determined that Kelle, Susanna, Ginny, Elizabeth F., Esther, Ann and I are all going to find ourselves in Elizabeth DeHority's living room, laughing and telling stories in person, rather than through emails. Last week when we were rallying for Charlotte, it was this small group of women that I turned to for of the secrets behind the success of that Day-And-A-Half Miracle was the influence and prayers and voices of the "circle of friends" that came to be, thanks to Elizabeth.

Tonight as I was putting this post together, Elizabeth emailed me asking for help...a scripture, or a hymn, or a "good clean joke" to get her through the wee small hours of the morning until anesthesia arrived. My kids and I gathered around the computer and prayed, and I'm glad for once that I could give back just a small portion of the love and help that Elizabeth has shown to me. We then launched into a string of emails back and forth with her; I'm not sure if it was the Bible verses or Chuck Norris jokes that did the trick, but she is (hopefully) sleeping soundly as I type.

Will you pray for Elizabeth, for a speedy recovery, and for her to beat this cancer? And if you agree to pray, will you leave a comment on her blog letting her know you're doing so? I'd love for her to know there is an army of prayer warriors lifting her health and her needs and her family before the Lord.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

And because it is almost midnight, and I have a sleep-heavy Lilybird lying on my lap, I am going to just post pictures of her and leave the captions for another day. And forgive me if some of these seem repetitive- sometimes she will lift an eyebrow or change her grin just a smidgen, and I cannot decide which photo to keep and which to delete. (and if you think this blog post is bad, you should see my photo files at home- I can never throw pictures away !)

My little toddler...

.....good night !


my family said...

lifting both families up in prayer right now.

Oh, could you please tell Lily to slow down growing, it seems like once you started with pony tails she became a big girl:) love these pictures of your little one

Happy Wednesday Patti

Mandy said...

I am praying for both of your friends, Patti. For healing, peace and restoration that comes only from our Heavenly Father. All the pictures of Lily are beautiful and fun and I'm glad you share them with us :)

cathy said...

Leaving a comment for Elizabeth after I type to you--
You warm my heart dear friend with your massive heart for giving..
The pictures are spectacular


JC said...

These pictures are so sweet...I do the same thing with Russell's pictures, I hoard them, I can never bring my self to delete a single one :)

I will be praying for your friends families Patti.

Mrs. K said...

Loved ALL the pictures of our Lilybird but especially the 7th one. Looks like someone told her a very funny joke. Love the outfit too. ;>)

I went to Elizabeth's blog and left her a message. Will be praying for her and her family. Will also pray for Kim's family.

Thinking of how blessed the Rice and Kopp families are. Thank you Jesus for our family and our health, you are ever so good to us.

crystalkupper said...

Coincidentally, my latest blog post is also about the need for prayer for friends. Will be praying for both of your requests. And seeing Lily makes my morning. :-)

Lori said...

Will be praying for Elizabeth and the Boling glad you all had a good Valentine's day!! Love you guys.

Becca said...

Oh, thinking of them all today. :-( So sad about the little girl whose birthday is today - that's going to weigh heavy with her forever.

I don't get rid of picture ever, either (but I love all of these!!). Even the bad ones.

Rachel Bretbunner said...

I will pray for both of them!

cara said...

Just now reading this Patti! I will go leave Elizabeth a message now. You know I will be praying for her!!! And I will pray for the other family as well. My heart just breaks for them. Thank you for sharing.

Perfect pictures!! Love to you!

L.A.C.E. said...

Prayers have been sent. Love looking at pics of Lily. I'm the same way. Can't throw or delete a single picture.