Tuesday, February 7, 2012

on my heart

I already posted today with a link to our family blog. But I was reading through old emails and found one from Sue in Wisconsin, asking me to blog about some of the older children on Reece's Rainbow with sizeable grants.

Honestly, I don't understand what is holding these children back from finding families. They are so beautiful, and so worthy of a life outside an institution.

Look at this beautiful little girl....and read her update ...


Megan 2H

Girl, born December 2005
Eyes: Blue
Hair: light brown
Temperament: Active, assertive, social
UPDATE, January 2012:   Sadly, we will not be able to get anymore photos of Megan.  She has already been transferred to the institution, not a good one :(    However, we were able to get more thorough medical information about her, and she REALLY needs a family. 
From her medical records:  Down Syndrome, mental deficiency, deformation of musculoskeletal system,  day and night enuresis (incontinence),  strabismus, farsightedness, Atrial septal defect,   anomaly of aortal mitral valve, delay in physiologic development. 
PLEASE HELP US FIND A FAMILY FOR MEGAN.  She has nearly a full grant for her adoption.  Single moms welcome, families should be home study approved to commit for her now that she has been transferred :(  

$23640.50 is available towards the cost of my adoption! 

Did you read that? Megan has a grant of almost $24,000. Where is her family????

And this little girl has been on my heart for so long. Lilly is running out of time- she needs heart surgery....

Birth Date: February 2007
Gender: Female
Eyes: Gray
Hair: blond
Character: calm

This little one has been waiting SO long.  This gorgeous little blondie has a significant heart defect and needs to see a cardiologist.  She is doing ok for now, but definitely needs a family quickly! She also appears to have strabismus.  She has the most beautiful eyes!

Update Fall 2011- She is not mobile, does not speak, but she takes food from the grated bottle (bottle with top of nipple cut off, so thicker liquids go thru), and can understand some things. Despite her conditions she can still smile, but doesn't know how to play with toys and throws them.

Single moms and Canadian families welcome!  Additional picture available!

$6417.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!
And of course there are my angels Brent and Robyn....

Robyn 2H

Girl, Born October 8, 2006
Robyn is a curious, playful little girl with dark hair and giant brown eyes. She is very active, although she was born with a VSD.  She does have an umbilical hernia (many children with DS do, just weak stomach muscles).
Robyn is already 4 and has likely been transferred to the institution already.  PLEASE HELP HER FIND A FAMILY.  More photos available.
From one of our adoptive families who visited with her in July 2011:  Robyn would probably do best in a smaller family, with 4 or less kids, as she likes attention.    She'd be great as the youngest in a family of teens ;)   She is very curious and she was just so small and very adorable, cuter in person.  I didn't have a chance to take a new photo but she looked good and her hair was just a bit longer than in her current photo.   She seemed very aware of her surroundings and clearly knew there were new people there today.  Most likely pretty high functioning.  She is really sweet and is probably of Armenian or other Roma descent."  

$4802.61 is available towards the cost of my adoption! 


Boy, Born June 21, 2005
Look how darling this little one is!   Brent is HEALTHY, with no noted heart conditions.    He is active and an Orphanage favorite.   He is considered lower functioning than  Spencer or Kareen, but will truly blossom like a flower in a loving family environment.  

Brent has been transferred :(
Please give Brent a chance! 
$3205.15 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

I wish that posting a picture here guaranteed a child a forever family. I am praying that somehow, someone reading sees one of these children, and realizes that they could be their miracle. 


Unknown said...

Oh my heart aches when I read these posts Patti! Thank you for all you do. Praying these sweeties find their Mamas and Dadas very very soon.

Jessica said...

Megan has been on my heart for a long time. I wish so badly I could bring her home...

Anonymous said...

Thank you Patti! I've been Megan's prayer warrior since summer 2010 and it breaks my heart that she is still waiting, thank you so much for posting her face!

Mrs. K said...

Whatever happened to Olga?

Rachel Bretbunner said...

I would adopt Megan in a heartbeat, if I could adopt! I have been praying for Megan to have a family the first time I saw her too. Megan has such a beautiful face!

crystalkupper said...

I am in the place of praying that God speaks to my husband. Anyone else been there?

cara said...

My heart aches for them!! I wish I could just go get all of these kiddos. Thank you for posting Patti. Hopefully their families are out here. I am praying for them.

CMSavage6 said...

oh how I wish we could take them all! I'm already working on my husband for the future but we need to get through the next year with all its twists and turns first. There's a baby boy on Reese's Rainbow that shares my daughters name and i couldn't stop crying for thinking that my precious gift would be in the same situation if she had been born elsewhere. Hurts my heart.

Gilda said...

Since you last wrote about Brent in your blog, I have joined the RR warrior group and am PW for him. I have been praying so much for him every single day and will continue to pray also for all the precious children here.