Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I am speechless. SPEECHLESS.

I have tears running down my face, and I am pretty much shaking with happiness. If I have five billion spelling errors here that's why.

$6755 in a day and a half. Looks like God just turned our Six Day Miracle into a day and a half miracle. Cuz He's BIG like that.

The Dirkes family will now be traveling this Monday- thanks to a big God and all of you amazing people - to see their little girl and go to court to make her theirs.

And I am just crazy enough to think this little miracle ain't over yet. When they travel in March to bring Charlotte home, they will need that chip-in on my sidebar to be at $25,000.

Too big a job for God?

Forget about it.

Because I just watched almost $7,000 roll in for Charlotte in less than 36 hours. You know why? Because that's what happens when our community rallies around its own. That's what happens when God steps in and turns our meager plans upside down and says, "Step aside...I've got this one covered."


That's what I'm going for. I don't want Kelly and her husband to come home from seeing their baby girl and face an $11,000 mountain. I want to do everything we can to help them move that mountain right now.

Are you with me???

I emailed a circle of friends today- an amazing circle of mamas who were brought together by a very special friend of mine. I asked for their help, because I knew this wasn't something one blog could do alone. I also put out a call to all my blogging friends as well- because every one of us has our own sphere of influence, and my little sphere is not enough to do this thing.

And you know what?


The dirty little secret behind this day and a half miracle?


I could give you a looooong list of bloggers who are helping make this miracle possible. Every one of them doing their part to get Charlotte home.

But it's not over- so I'm asking for your help. Maybe you're tired of asking readers to give. Maybe you feel like you've maxed your friends and family out asking for their help with orphans over and over. Guess what? I am too. I worry that people are going to come here and see me asking people to give- AGAIN- and click that little x in the upper right hand corner.

But what if I stopped? What if I took what every ugly troll had to say (and thank you, Wednesday Troll for proving my point- the devil doesn't kick a dead dog!) and what if I listened to every doubt and fear and worry just before I hit publish post....what would happen?


That's what would happen.

So I'm asking you- please help. Please spread the word, in whatever sphere of influence that you have, and ask for help. Email, blog, post on every forum you can...ask people to come take part in a miracle.

Because it's happening. Right before our eyes....

Spread the word- we're going to get the Dirkes family fully funded.


Cheryl said...

Patti you are amazing! You must be the fundraiser whisperer ;-)
I've been following Kelly for a while now.I'm so excited about what you are doing for her.
We have an awesome God!

Natalie Nelson said...

I am jumping up and down for joy. This community I am apart of is a powerful one and one that rally's together when one is in need. I love it. I LOVE that I am a part of it.

Mandy said...

So exciting to watch God show-up and show off!

cathy said...

honored to help HIM & you......


Jessica said...

Can you email me? I have an idea for you. :)

virginiadawn @ hotmail

Education: Exploring Online Learning said...

Was at dinner with Kelly and some mamas when she got the official "THERE" email. So great!

Rochelle said...

YAHOO! Thank you friend for helping this family out that so desperately needed a lifeline! Praising the Lord for all the sweet people that stepped up to help this sweet angel come home.

Leah said...

So happy! So inspired. So grateful. What a wonderful wonderful thing.

lovemy3 said...

Absolutely fabulous!

Lori said...

Sooo Exciting!!!

tekeal said...

it is wonderful. i donated and blogged... THANK YOU.