Tuesday, January 24, 2012

TAKEN over...by Addison

Well hello there, Lilybird.

Remember me?
That's right. It's Addison.

What am I doing here? on your blog?

Truth is, I see four therapists a week and lately I've been getting bored. I'm tired of learning to "woof" like a dog and walk like a "big girl" and use my fingers to do things other than stealing m&ms (what's the point, really). So last week, I requested to learn a new skill during my hours and hours of therapy time

computer hacking- a useful life skill.

And of course, I caught on right away. I'm super smart like that.

and while reading your blog, I knew I was going to have to use my new skill, steal a blog post, and point out something that I think should be obvious.

we are a LOT alike.

I noticed that we both like bath time (ignore the little bother in forefront trying to steal my thunder. He appeared sometime in September and I haven't been able to get rid of him since...despite my very best efforts)
 we both know when to stand our ground (stubborn what? no...CONFIDENT)
 we both know how to pose like the future Target models that we are.
 we both think we're going to marry the same man (he's mine, by the way)
and I heard my mom say something about us having the same number of extra chromahomatones or something like that...not sure. I think she was trying to say extra cuteness...I will have to work with her on this.

But anyway, I happened upon your blog tonight and thought that perhaps we could be great friends. (Man stealing tendencies aside)

So I hacked in to share that little message with you. What do you think? BFFs?

oh wait...just heard the opening strains of "There's dancing time and singing time and laughing time and playing time..." SIGNING TIME! I'm outta here.

'til later.

Mrs. Russell Chillihitzia (not yet)

p.s. just heard rummor that Patti will be back soon. Who is Patti? Oh, they'll know? Oh Ok then.
Leah, Alex and Hopkins! Here I come!


lovemy3 said...

Too cute!

Anonymous said...

BFFs for sure!

Sue H.

CMSavage6 said...

Too adorable. Computer hacking is a useful skill. Congrts to Addison for mastering it at such a young age. You go girl!

Kelly said...

Oh my word, this is so cute!!

Mandy said...

So very CUTE!

Education: Exploring Online Learning said...

Oh, Addison, hack me too! You are too stinkin' cute!

To Love Endlessly said...

so cute!!!

JC said...

Haha, awesome! Two of the cutest girls ever!

cara said...

Double the cuteness on here tonight!!!! What a blessing.

Jenn said...

Adorable :)

Mrs. K said...

Addison, you are a pixie, a very cute pixie. I am impressed you can use a PC, know how to blog, spell and to insert pictures. WOW! I suspect you and Lily could have a signing war as well.

Lori said...

Soooo cute!!!

Gilda said...

Thanks for the smiles so early in the morning! Just what I needed... love it!

Anna Theurer said...

Hi Chubbs!

Kelly Marin said...

Awww that was adorable

Anonymous said...

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Hidalina said...

What an amazing post..love everymoment of it. Thank you for making us smile Addison.

patsy said...

so cute...and so funny! i was smiling the whole time i was reading :) and girls, please don't fight over a man...there are lots of cuties out there to choose from ;)

Patti said...

Dear Addison,
While I appreciate your computer hacking skills, your incredible intelligence, and your innate sense of fashion, I feel compelled to tell you that Russell and I have long been betrothed, and no amount of pandering on my blog will convince me that your motives are entirely pure. I detect a little snarkiness behind your words; perhaps the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, eh? I would love to be BFF's if you would kindly agree to leave my Russelkins alone in the future.

momto8 said...

oh lucky you..you are blessed!
i am your newest follower..pls follow bcd if you can.

Unknown said...