Tuesday, January 3, 2012

a request from lily

Hey there, bloggy friends!

I have something really exciting to tell you...it's about a new prize that someone donated to our giveaway for Brent!!

Wait a minute- what did you say?

You didn't KNOW about our giveaway for Brent? Where have you been ?!?! You must be living on another planet or something!!!

Okay, I'll just explain it here...my mama has been praying so hard for a little boy named Brent, who lives on the other side of the world from me. He has the same amount of chromosomes as I do, and he is super cute like me. But he has no mom or dad. Can you imagine? Nobody to tuck him in at night, or give him kisses or tell him how loved he is.

You can read all about Brent and the giveaway HERE...but let me just tell you that a lot of people have been praying for him and giving to him this past week. SO many people have given, that he now has $2,723 in his grant fund on Reece's Rainbow!

But we want to see his grant fund grow even more. That way a family can adopt him, and rescue him and bring him home.

Last week someone donated a $100 gift certificate to this fabulous store...

My mama says that is one of her FAVORITEST shops- my dad even bought her a necklace from there for Christmas, with all of our initials on it. And she cried when she opened it! (She is sooo sentimental like that.)

Well now, someone else donated another really awesome prize .....

A Kindle Keyboard!!!!!
Can you believe that ?! It's valued at $139 and it looks like so much fun!!!

I am so amazed at how many people love my friend Brent!

Our giveaway was supposed to end tomorrow...but since we just had this sweet new prize added, we want to extend it just ONE MORE DAY! We want more people to get the word out there that Brent needs a family, and we want more people to enter to win!!

Please go HERE to find out how to enter....and PLEASE ~ will you spread the word about my friend Brent?


Love always,

Lily oxoxox


Julia said...

Donating... blogging and facebooking!!!

Mrs. K said...

Who can resist such a funny/sunny face? Lils, you make Grammi smile a mile.

Lori said...

Cutest pictures ever!!!!

Ilisa Ailts said...

GHB hb Great photos! Cal was helping me type, he say's hi!

cathy said...

ADORABLE pictures!!!!!!


cara said...

LOVE, LOVE these pictures!!

Anonymous said...

What can we do to find Brent and Spencer a family?!! Wouldn't they make wonderful brothers? I think of them both every day and pray for them. I hope someone finds them before it's too late.

Sue H.