Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lily's Birthday Giveaway seven!!!

It's Lily's Birthday Eve!!!

We have two very special prizes to celebrate the final day of Lily's Birthday Giveaway Week...

*Miss Fiona, who shares Lily's extra chromosome

One commenter will be selected to win one hat from my sweet friend Shannon's Etsy shop The3Monkey'sBoutique...  Please go check out this adorable shop to see all the hats Shannon has to offer....

...and one other commenter will be picked to win this darling headwrap, modeled by Lily's friend, Reagan (and made by her mama, Shauna.)

* headwrap is adult-sized;)

The winner of the Newborn Nursery Scentsy bar from yesterday's giveaway is...

Norberto and Julie said...
That scent sounds heavenly. The smell of burning leaves brings me back to my grandparents farm.

Congratulations! Please contact me with your info so I can get that yummy smelling bar in the mail to you next week.

Miss Lily has been hard at work, and is anxiously awaiting her big party tonight (we're celebrating a day early!)

Just to make this fun, we're going to draw winners based on how many facts about Lily you can remember...the two commenters with the most correct answers will win, and if there's a tie, will pick the winners from those.

Are you ready?

1)What is Lily's middle name?
2)What time of the day was she born- morning, afternoon or night?
3)Who delivered Lily?
4)What day of the week was she born on?
5)How much did she weigh?
6)What is Lily's favorite food?
7)What is Lily's nickname?
8)What is the name of Lily's therapist?
9)Name at least three orphans that we've held giveaways for on A Perfect Lily
10)This is a tough one- what was Lily's blog first called?

and just for fun:

11)what color scheme will Lily's party be decorated in?

You might have to peek back at past posts to get some answers...but those prizes are so sweet I think it's worth your time! Winners will be announced tomorrow on LILY'S SECOND BIRTHDAY....


Happy Birthday Eve!!!


nicole said...

Happy birthday!

So here are my answers

Middle name. Anne
Born. Morning 11:54
Born on a Saturday
Weighed in at 5 lbs 8oz
Nickname lilybird
Favorite food. Popcorn
Therapist. Karen
Kenzie the midwife Claire coached her on what to do
First blog waiting for you then you changed it to waiting for lily
3 orphans Artem , Peter, Brent

Color scheme hmmmmm. Pink and brown just a guess


cathy said...

ok, too tired to write everything--copy & paste the answers on the post before mine!

pictures are amazing!!!!


Mrs. K said...

All of Nicole's answers and the color scheme is pink and green.


LOVE YA TONS!!! Grammi and Papa

my family said...

way to go nicole. I was going thinking pink and brown but in a hurry getting ready for church. cant wait to see lilys birthday pictures tomorrow, I know it will be a super special day

Lori said...


Shannon said...

loved seeing fiona's face in my google reader! happy birthday eve lily!

Patti said...

nicole you are so smart!! looks like will be picking a winner since everyone is copying your answers (cheaters !!! ;):) )

Shauna said...

Ok I won't be a cheater I'll tell you what I remembered without any help.
Lily Anne, she was born in the morning, I didn't remember what day of the week, I knew she was less than 6 lbs, and that she likes popcorn, her adorable nickname is Lilybird (come everyone know that answer)her therapist is Karen, and lets see...orphans...Olga, Peter, Autumn, Artem, Kareen just to name a few, your blog was waiting for Lily (you before you found out her gender) and I'll guess at the colors being pink and something...Happy Birthday beautiful girl!

lovemy3 said...

I didn't realize Lily was such a little peanut...Hailey weighed 7lbs 7 oz! Can't wait too see birthday pics...the ones today are darling!

Jennifer said...

I'll just say ditto to everyone else! :) Mostly - I wanted to just say I LOVE THAT SOCK MONKEY HAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love sock monkeys, and I'm decorating our girls' room with a sock monkey theme!!!! :) I have my own sock monkey hat, and a sock monkey coffee cup sleeve - and I can't wait to get hats for my girls!! :) My husband bought me my first gift for the girls' room the other day - sock money matryoshka dolls!! How perfect is that?!?!? :)

Happy almost birthday to Lilybird!!

cara said...

At this point, I would be cheating since I read everyone else's comments. Lily is looking like she is getting quite the education in these pictures. Happy, happy birthday sweet girl!! Love you!

Jennifer said...

I think I should get extra credit because I didn't look at anyone's comments before researching the answers. So I spent all afternoon reading your blog. (I just couldn't stop!) Although I suppose you should take away points since I neglected my family all afternoon to read your blog. :)

1 Anne
2 Morning (11:54 am)
3 Mackenzie
4 Saturday
5 5 pounds 8 ounces
6 Popcorn
7 Lilybird (Although you called her Lilybug in a post in March 2010 and mentioned in June 2010 that Noah and Jackson call her Lils)
8 Karen
9 Kareen (now Mia), Olga, Robyn, Brent
10 Waiting for You then Waiting for Lily
11 Not sure on this one but I would have to guess pink since that seems to be your favorite color for Lily to wear.

I hope Lily has a wonderful birthday!