Wednesday, December 7, 2011

the night before Christmas

This photo made me cry..

Why would that photo- of a busy street in Eastern Europe on an overcast day in December- make me cry ?

Glad you asked.

It is near the place where my nephews live.

What, you didn't know I had nephews in Eastern Europe?

I have two.

They are two little boys who have lived there all of their lives, with no mommy or daddy. But tonight, all of that is about to change.

Tonight they get new names.

Tonight for the first time they will meet their new mommy and daddy.

Tonight is the very beginning of a new life for them.

Tonight I get to see pictures and video of Peter and Ty experiencing for the first time what it means to be desired and sought out and truly loved, and my heart is so happy it feels like the night before Christmas.


I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL IT GETS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*come back for pictures tonight!! :)


Ginger said...

Oh my goodness, I am THRILLED that thay are rescuing BOTH boys!! How exciting!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait until they get home so I can bring their Mom and Dad a meal and give everyone hugs!!!


Elizabeth said...

How exciting! I would cry too!!

Mrs. K said...

Why is it I almost always wind up crying when reading your blog. 98%of the time it is happy tears...

These are happy tears today!!!! WHOOO HOOO AND A YIIIPPPEEE!!!!

If I could do cartwheels I would, guess I just can be happy jumping up and down.

It's about time Peter!!! and now you will have Ty coming home too.
I have been Peter's prayer warrior since I first laid these teary eyes on him. Ty you are one little lucky boy now going to have siblings and a Mom and Dad.

Yes, Peter and Ty, there is a God looking over you both.

one_plustwins said...

Julie is on the train now....has been for many hours now......the will be meeting the boys soon :)