Monday, December 5, 2011

I know you're out there....

Dear Mr. Seven Percent,

I noticed you voted in my poll...the one on my sidebar?  You thought you slipped by me, but I noticed. Everyone else said they wanted to give to orphans for Christmas, but you, you sneaky little devil, said you were going shopping.

Guess what?

We aim to please ALL here on A Perfect Lily.

All your holiday shopping needs met right here:
Lily's Scentsy Store.

Click on Robyn's Fundraiser to shop- this month all of my commission goes to Robyn on Reece's Rainbow.

There you go. Now you can join the 93% AND stay in your own little club.

I'm so stinking fair!!!!


Kate said...

THIS post totally cracked me up!! I love it!

Over at Julia's blog, she said to come here & let you know when we donate to some of the Passed Over Babes, so I'm letting you know I donated to Yegor, Arina, Paul, Spencer & Mark.

Thank you for doing this ~ I pray these kiddos get families THIS YEAR! My family wants to adopt again, but we have a terminally-ill 5 year old, so the timing is not right for us to pursue another adoption yet. Eventually, though....

cathy said...



Janie Fox said...

Donated for Xander. I am praying all these babies find a home!

Jennifer said...

I love that holly warmer!! So pretty!! Hmm....I might need to make an order! :)

Julie said...

Our family donated to kids on Julia's blog--Spencer and Paul. Thank you for being a voice for these little ones!

Erin said...

I knew I was waiting on my Moms gift purchase for a reason...she will now have a new scentsy warmer. :) Thanks! And praying for these sweeties!