Friday, December 30, 2011


I'm waiting on an updated photo from Artem's mama, but please go HERE to read all about the Mosley family!! She's also promised me an exclusive interview (lol I just made up the exclusive part, but there WILL be an interview!) so keep checking back for it!

..doesn't he LOOK like his family??? so cool!!


Michelle Z said...

Are they on a glacier!? That's a cool picture :)

cathy said...

God Bless!


Sara said...

I am so excited!! I'm in tears right now. This precious baby has been in my prayers ever since i saw him on your blog the first time you posted about him. I loved him from the moment I looked into his eyes, but couldn't be his momma d/t outside circumstances. I'm really thrilled beyond words right now!! Praise God!!

JennyH said...

So happy for him. I was so sad to see he still had not found a family this year (along with a few others). He is one of the sweetie-pies I picked last year to donate to.

Congrats to the new family-to-be!

Jennifer said...

Can't wait to see him in the picture WITH his family!!! :)

Mrs. K said...

OH happy day!!! Sitting here typing with happy tears running down my cheeks. Have been Artem's prayer warrior since I first laid eyes on his sweet smiling face. Cannot wait for the interview.

Thank you Jesus, Mary and Joseph for finding a family for this precious little angel.