Thursday, November 3, 2011

I just couldn't do it

I said I wasn't going to blog and I meant it.

I'd been enjoying a break from blogging for just a few days...and then I had to go and read THIS POST and came undone. My heart is literally still beating so loud I'm sure someone next door can hear it, and I am having a hard time seeing the keys to type.

You know, sometimes it's so easy to shield ourselves from the suffering others endure isn't it? We hear about the death of a friend's loved one, or read a story in the news about some misfortune, and we think about the pain someone must be going through and maybe offer up a prayer for them, but deep inside we're thanking God we're not in their shoes. And we turn off our brains and emotions, because sometimes it's just too  much to bear.

But these kids don't have that option.

And in those pictures, they're smiling, happy, caught at a strategic moment for the photographers, and I'm sure every day isn't filled with sadness and grief. But what about those days that Artem and Robyn watch as other children leave their orphanage, and wonder what it's like to have a mommy and daddy come rescue them? What about the nights they cry themselves to sleep, because there just aren't enough workers to console each little aching heart?

And there remains the very real possibility that Artem and Robyn have been transferred. They are both old enough to have outgrown their baby houses. I asked Andrea Roberts two weeks ago if she knew if Artem was still at the orphanage. She asked the agency Reece's Rainbow works with to look into this. The agency asked the facilitator in Russia...and all we know is that he is still available for adoption. No word on whether he was transferred to the institution or not. When I had previously asked Andrea if he had been transferred, she said it was entirely possible. The same holds true for Robyn. And if that is the case, the children in those pictures with bright and happy little faces, without a doubt, are not the same children today.

I hope you take the time to click on the link at the beginning of this post...because it brings home the point that the children behind these pictures are living, breathing little souls, who have gone through far too much in their brief lives. It's easy to picture them just as we see them, isn't it? But there's a life behind those pictures, and a story as to how they got there.

Please consider donating to Artem and Robyn's grant funds on Reece's Rainbow.

They've been waiting too long for a family.


Jelly said...

I am crushed. There are no words.

Anonymous said...

What a story. As a mom, it just rips my heart out imagining how my two youngest would respond in a situation like that.

I've wondered lately if RR could help the children facing transfer or highlight those with large balances in separate tabs so they stand out. Sadly, money may affect some families' choices and would it help to have a page to show children with over $10,000 in their account so a family doesn't have to peruse the whole listing? I don't know - just an idea so they are easy to find.

I did a happy dance yesterday when I saw that Victoria F (five years old) just moved to the family found me page! There is much hope for Artem. I'm also advocating for a soon to be 5 year old and keeping positive thoughts and prayers!


Mrs. K said...

How can I go to bed tonight w/o tears streaming down my face and an aching heart. My throat closed up and I could not see to type. Our stupid politians are fighting over money problems, they are so self centered thinking of only their careers, their pocketbooks and here are children with nothing but hope to hang on to. Why does it cost so much for these children to be rescued? So many of us give what we can to RR, not thinking of ourselves but of these precious children. What more can we do but pray, pray, pray. I try to remember "Ask and it will be given". I am going to be on such a sad note. God bless you Patti and all those at RR and those who pray and contribute.

Leah said...

Very insightful post, makes what I do worthwhile! I would ask about the girls as they are old enough to be transfered, but for now I just pray they have not been.

Katrina said...

Sitting here holding my 4-year-old daughter and crying because she is not feeling well and should be in bed but has had a cold and can't get comfortable enough to sleep.

So my thoughts drift off to my other daughter, who will turn 6 next month. The one who lived in a baby house for 4 years of her life and then in a older child facility for 1 year and now an institution for almost 1 year. And I look upon her picture taken from the institution and I can tell you that the smiles that were once there are now gone. The light in her eyes gone. Her cute blonde pigtails gone. And my heart aches. Because she has no one there to hold her and to comfort her. And I want so badly to be able to tell her to hold on because I am coming for her. Hold on because I love her and want to take care of her.

I am afraid that most likely these children have already been transferred too. Moved once again to an unfamiliar place. And even if the institution is a good one they still don't know anyone. They don't know the children or the caregivers or the new routine. And there is no one there to comfort them or help them make the adjustment.

So I am praying that families find them soon. Praying that someone will step out of their comfort zone and move forward. Praying for God to comfort all of them while they are in such a lonely place.

Carlene's soon to be momma :)

nicole said...

Thank you Patti ~ Shared the link from above on fb.

Unknown said...

tears have taken my breath away!xxx

Kellan's momma said...

Oh my, that is the saddest thing I've read in a long time. I shared as well as sending the link to my husband to read!

cara said...

Thank you for sharing Patti!! My heart just aches for these children. No, we are not here for the pleasures of this world- they are here now and gone tomorrow. We are here to love our God with all of our hearts, souls, minds, and strength, to destroy the works of the devil loving our neighbors as ourselves, and giving God all the glory!! We are to be His hands and feet. You are standing strong as a warrior of our Lord for these precious children.