Friday, October 28, 2011


Olga's mommy just emailed me exciting news!!!

Someone has agreed to MATCH DONATIONS UP TO $500 for the next five days!!! 

If you have somehow missed it, we are hosting a giveaway to help Olga's family finish the job of fundraising. So far they have $1,572 of the $2,895 that is needed to submit their paperwork and get their first date to travel to see Olga. Olga has almost $20,000 in her grant fund on Reece's Rainbow that will be available to the Abells once they get their travel date.
(And a HUGE thank you to all of you who made that happen!)

We are giving away three autographed copies of Ann Voskamp's fabulous book, One Thousand Gifts:

and my sweet friend Julia has donated two $50 gift cards to Target and

You can be entered to win simply by donating a dollar to Olga or to Artem. You read that right- one dollar.

Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, every dollar you give to Olga (on the Abell's Chip-in located at the top of the sidebar, labeled Breaking Starfish Free) will be DOUBLED for the next five days!

So if you're homeschooled... (KIDDING. my kids are.)... that means IF you give one dollar, Olga will get two. If you give ten dollars, she gets twenty. If you give $100 she will get $200...all the way up to $500 !!

Winners will be drawn by November 1st . Please spread the word:

Let's finish the job for Olga!!


Rachel said...

Just donated another $50 to our girl:) Hoping she'll be home for Christmas this year. We still have her ornament sitting on the mantel and it will stay there til she's home!

Jelly said...

Amazing! God is sooo good!

cathy said...



TheFoleyFive said...

Haven't been able to comment for a bit because could only access internet thru my phone...but I was so sad to see Olga still hasn't come home...we donated what we could...I can't wait to see a picture of her finally at home.
love you guys
-john and soph

She’s Our Butterfly said...

Ally just donated to sweet Olga, hoping and praying she will be home with her family very soon :) Patti...thank you for never giving up on this beautiful little girl!!