Saturday, October 15, 2011

three little tidbits

Dearest Lily,

I have the sweetest photos from your therapy session yesterday, all edited and ready to upload tonight...but I am so tired that I will have to finish this post in the morning. For now I will say that Mama is so very proud of her big girl... are a star!

Love always,



Three little tidbits before I go to bed...


I'm a member of a fabulous scrapbooking kit club called Cocoa Daisy. As a subscriber I receive monthly scrapbooking kits stocked with coordinating papers, embellishments and goodies.
Last month Cocoa Daisy announced on their blog that they had a new mascot for their company, and that they were looking for a name for her.

 I entered their "mascot naming contest", suggesting the name Lilybird  :)

Tonight I received Cocoa Daisy's monthly newsletter in my inbox...I had honestly forgotten about the contest until I scrolled down through my newsletter and saw this:

Our mascot has a name!

little bird
Thanks for all your suggestions as we were looking to name our sweet little birdie mascot. Christine decided that she looked like a Lilybird.
patti says:
September 6, 2011 at 5:51 pm  
Okay, I'm back:) We call our 10th baby Lilybird all the time. I think Lily is a darling name for Cocoa Daisy's mascot! 

Congratulations Patti, we'll be in contact soon.

Isn't that the sweetest?? I won a 7 Gypsie's Printers Tray, which was so sweet, but even more exciting to me was the fact that Cocoa Daisy's new mascot is named after our Lilybird!!!


I can't give the details yet, but I am soooo thrilled about an upcoming giveaway! There are quite a few details to how this all came about, but suffice it to say I think God had a hand in the details:) Keep coming back to check on Artem, because we are going to be hosting a SPECTACULAR giveaway here for all who donate to him! If you have already given to Artem, or if you give to him between now and the giveaway, be ready to leave a comment on the giveaway will not want to miss a chance to win!

and speaking of Artem...


Have you noticed our little buddy's grant is nearing $10,000 ??!!

We are only halfway through the month and he is almost to our goal! Thank you so very much to all who have donated to his grant fund- this little guy is going to get a family soon, I can feel it!

Don't forget our FIVE DOLLAR CHALLENGE to help Artem. Five dollars multiplied by hundreds of readers is what is causing that grant fund to rise- together we can do it!

Stay tuned for more Lily pics today......


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Jennifer said...

Woo hoo!! Go Lily, look at that concentration! Wish some of the 4th and 5th graders I teach art to could focus that well!! And that's so fun that they named the mascot Lilybird! :) I love it!!

So excited to see Artem's grant growing and growing - that'll show those haters! I was telling my hubby last night that you want us to adopt him so you can come visit him...let's just say the seeds have been planted, even though we still feel called to adopt a girl right now. :) Who knows - maybe we'll come home with a couple of cutie pies?!?! It could happen!