Monday, October 24, 2011

prenatal test for depression

I really do have part two of my Little People Big World to post...but I have something very powerful that I want to share with Lily's readers, and I don't want that "link" to get lost in the shuffle.

My sweet friend, Elizabeth, has written an incredible post called Prenatal Test for Depression. You'll recognize several adorable chromosomally enhanced angels in that post, but more importantly I hope you recognize that truth that is in her words. It is beautifully written and holds great potential for impact on what future mothers are deciding for their unborn babies.

Please take the time to visit Elizabeth's post today.

More sweetness to come !


Sara said...

Such a cute picture on this post. Love Lily's little fingers and her sweet boots! I want some of those in my size!

Mrs. K said...

I just ooozed with love for those children in the pictures in the Prenatal Test of Depression. That Verity is a little doll. What a touchin picture of Tyler and Lils, brought me to tears. Eliza and Nella look quite the opposite of depression. Didn't Mother tell you Patti, all Ds children are happy. Yes, there are times when they suffer i.e teething, flu, etc. and they cry but 99.9% of the time they are happy. And that happiness is infectious.

Thanks for sharing that BEAUTIFUL article. Love ya, Mom