Wednesday, October 26, 2011

one little girl

What would you say if I told you that one little girl's prayers changed the fate of an orphan?

What if I told you that one act of kindness could save a little girl's life?

In 2008 one little girl in America saw a beautiful face on Reece's Rainbow and signed up to be her prayer warrior.

She kept this little girl's photo on a bulletin board in her room, and faithfully prayed that someone would come and rescue her. She asked God to make a way for this orphan's family to find her some day. She poured out her heart to God, and continued praying for a miracle, day after day.

One day she noticed that the photo was no longer listed on Reece's Rainbow. She didn't know what happened to the beautiful little girl whose picture hung on her wall, but she continued praying for her, hoping she was safe.

Fast forward to two years later...when Olga's mama received this letter:


You don't know me, but my name is Kelly and my oldest daughter's name is Jesslyn. About 2 years ago we both signed up to be prayer warriors for children with Reece's Rainbow. My daughter was assigned a girl named Olga. She has kept Olga's picture on her bulletin board all this time. Jesslyn has such a compassion for these children (as do I, my youngest child has Down Syndrome) and she has been so concerned for Olga all this time. The child I was assigned to pray for quickly got a family and is now in her forever home. However, we lost track of Olga on the website. Tonight however, she was perusing the website and we came upon your Olga's picture and your information. We really think she may be the same girl. We only have this outdated photo. I thought I would take the chance to send it to you to see if it was her. Ironically, we have been stationed at Bremerton for the last few years! We are actually getting ready to move in a couple of weeks but I didn't want to pass up the opportunity to ask if the "Olga's" were the same. If you don't mind, could you let us know at Jesslyn would be thrilled to know and can then be more specific in her prayers. 

And the beautiful thing about this story? Olga's first prayer warrior lived just an hour away from her future family. All those months of praying had brought Olga a family- who lived just an hour from where her picture hung on the wall.

And what if I told you that one little act of kindness on your part could change the fate of that child?

That one dollar could make a difference in how and when Olga will say goodbye for the last time to a life with no family, and begin a new filled with a mom and a dad and sisters and love.

That one dollar, multiplied by hundreds of like hearted friends, could determine that Olga will never face the horror that is the institution?

Don't believe me?

It's happening already.

The Abell's chip-in (located at the top of the sidebar) is now $884 closer to the final amount needed to finish the job.

One dollar, multiplied by love.

Olga's mama sent me an email yesterday....

Oh my goodness Patti. God is moving this mountain a dollar at a time. It is blowing my mind!! The generosity of so many and the love they have for Olga warms my heart and brings me to tears. How can you ever really thank someone for saving your child? And that is what each of your readers are doing, saving our little girl and that is something we will never forget!! I just checked the actual chip in account page and since yesterday $763.95 has been donated. That leaves us under $2000 left. Her ransom is almost paid!!! Thank you so much for helping in this and please thank all your readers!!

If you didn't read about it yesterday, one dollar also gets you a chance to win one of these: well as one of three autographed copies of Ann Voskamp's fabulous book, One Thousand Gifts...

Just leave a comment saying you donated a dollar to Olga, and you'll be entered to win.
And as a bonus: blog about this giveaway or share it on Facebook, and leave another comment saying you did so for an extra chance to win.
Yeah, we're that nice around here:) will draw winners on November 1st.

Please spread the word- because one little act of kindness really can make a difference.


nicole said...

This is exactly why each of my children old enough to understand have a child they are praying for ~ because the Father hears the prayers of children.

Unknown said...

he does hear the prayers of children! We're praying for Abell. I wish that having a child with Down syndrome didn't make for having less to donate-but I know that every dollar helps.

We live(d) right by Bremerton, too!

marynmd said...

How could I not donate again to help Olga? She has been in my prayers since I first read about her here throuh a link from the blessingofverity. Susanna is my niece. God bless you for what you do for these orpahns, Patti.

marynmd said...

Yes I can spell orphan. My fingers just go faster than my brain. ;-)

The Harvin Family said...

Just gave $20. Hopefully we can get this baby home!

Rochelle said...

Love how God is always in the details! Amazing!

Hope said...

Hi Patty!
Just donated to Olga's family. The coolest thing is she will live close enough to visit when she comes home.

cara said...

Oh this just blesses my heart!! Just recently, our children began praying specifically for these orphans. I know their prayers God will use to move mountains. God never ceases to amaze me. Just melted my heart to see another picture of Olga. Thank you for sharing!!

K said...

I love this post! God really does listen and many times answer a child's prayer. My prayer as a 6 year old was for an adopted little sister and the answer was YES 3 years later. :)))

marynmd said...

I forgot to say that I donated $46 to help the Abell's.

Caroline said...

I just donated to the Abells! I came across your blog about a week ago and quickly found myself drawn to Reece's Rainbow, and today I'm signing up to be a prayer warrior!