Thursday, October 27, 2011

the institution

Have you ever wondered why people who advocate for orphans on Reece's Rainbow are so motivated to see those children rescued before they are transferred to "the institution"?

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a Baby House (as the orphanages are called in Eastern Europe) and "the institution"?

It was this video of an institution that moved my husband to help me find a way to start a giveaway for Olga last December. And I know that video is several years old, but it's not every day an American film crew is going into one of these places ~ that greatly resembles a concentration camp ~ to document what goes on there. It's also not every day a place like this allows a film crew to go in and record evidence for the world to see. The gentleman who allowed this film crew to come in and video tape the horror that is there talked about the fear of what would happen to him as a result. But he was willing to suffer those consequences, because he wanted someone to see those atrocities and act.

If you've never read The Boy From Baby House 10, I highly recommend looking in your library for a copy, or investing in buying it on Amazon, to get a glimpse of what the difference is between an orphanage and an institution.

And if you care about orphans on Reece's Rainbow and want to be educated about why we advocate so passionately that they must not be transferred to the institution, PLEASE READ THIS.

We can turn our heads and pretend that evil doesn't exist in the world, or we can hope and pray that the difference between a baby house and an institution is just a different view out the window or a change of caregivers, or we can decide that we just don't want to take the time to see what that difference truly is.

But these children don't have the luxury of that decision.

These children, Artem and Olga, will understand what that transition means, will experience it and live it every day, will know all too well what the difference between those bright colored toys and the red and blue slide and a world of gray is, will come to dread the difference between rain and sunshine  ~ if we don't act.

You can donate to Artem and to Olga right here on the sidebar, to make a difference today.


Jennifer said...

I just bought The Boy from Baby House 10 on my Nook earlier this week and started reading it! I'm about half way through - and it's making me that much more fired up about our adoption!! :)

mrmeadowlark said...

I'm curious as to why some international human rights organization does not get involved with doing something about the deplorable conditions in these countries. Oh, that's right. There is no oil for us to get out of the deal.

Jonana said...

I've seen the videos and I've seen the pictures so I know as best as I can but that post about the rainy days just hit it all home again. I know that on paper, we are on track to get to Albina before she would be transferred to one of those places but that is why we daily pray for her safety and protection and that she would find favor in the eyes of her caregivers and that we can get to her as fast as we can.

nicole said...

It IS hard to look at the conditions these poor children are surviving in ~ cannot imagine living it.

Jessica Lynn said...

I donated to Olga's fundraiser. I got Artem's last week. Hopefully this will be enough for Artem to find a family and for Olga's family to bring her home!

cathy said...

Come on PEOPLE!!! No child should be subjected to this--

Patti, I pray this works to rescue them


Anonymous said...

First off thanks for allowing anonymous posts because I don't have an online account and can't post on many blogs I read!

Thank you for this post about the institutions. I am new to RR this year and trying to gather information as a Christmas Warrior for a Christmas appeal letter to raise money for my RR child who is facing the institution soon. I also read your interview with Adeye Salem from awhile ago - gave me lots of helpful information! You might want to rerun it sometime!

Giving thanks for my healthy baby born this year (who was expected to have many complex chromosonal and heart problems - but had NONE) --- I donated $500 to little Olga's account.

Sue - Wisconsin

Anonymous said...

I just watched the video about the institutions and it is so heartbreaking ... my heart physically hurts after seeing that. it's midnight here and i have to go sneak into my 10 month old son's room and give him a kiss.

Mrs. K said...

Brought to tears and frustration once again reading about Aaron and the weather that controlled his life and the lives of too many others. Praise God this handsome child is with a loving family.

Please Lord and Savior bring Artem and Olga home very soon. Please open the eyes, hearts and pocket books of many others to help other "lost" children. I ask this in Jesus' name. Amen