Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I realize I've already posted today. If you missed that post, there are some pathetic pictures of our sick little girl, pleading for her buddy, Artem, and asking her friends in blogland to donate five dollars to his grant fund on Reece's Rainbow.

But my AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME friend Michelle Z at Reece's Rainbow (did I mention she is AWESOME??) just sent me some pictures of Artem I have never seen before and I have one word. Okay two!


Are you ready to faint from cuteness overload???? Don't say I didn't warn you!!!

Look at that little bundle of sweetness!!!! Have you ever seen such a charmer????

AGGGGHHH!!! I love him!!!!

Okay, the look in his eyes here CLEARLY says, "Mommy, come rescue me!!!"

 And yes, if you were wondering, I went to the financial requirements page on RR to see for the 45th billion time if we qualify to adopt internationally. And sadly, we have too many kids and not enough income to qualify to bring Artem home.

So I'm pleading, begging, praying his mommy sees his beautiful face today and says THAT IS MY SON! Is it you? Are you looking into those gorgeous pools of chocolate brown and seeing the same thing I'm seeing there? "I need a mommy. I need a family. I'm too stinking cute to be stuck in this crib all day with a bottle full of mush. I want to be loved and treasured and valued, and I want to get out and play. Come get me, Mommy!!"

(Did you know I am fluent in Russian eye signals? Now you do!)

If you aren't his mommy...can you spread the word so she can find him??

Can you plaster his sweet face on every blog and Facebook wall and online forum you can think of? Can you spread the word that Artem needs a family???

And while you're at it...can you donate five dollars to his grant fund, so that when his family does find him, they have a huge head start on what it will take financially to bring him home?

Will you help me



my family said...

Hey there, just wanted to let you know although I havent commented I have been keepin' up with miss lils

Love the new walkin' girl how thrilling! get your running shoes on mama:) HFM stinks and hope it goes away soon we have had it (not fun)and it is going around a lot here too, many of my friends with younger children are dealing with it

Artem's picts rock and thank you again for the sweet email and letting me know I may have made a difference somewhere b/c that's what this is all about, right?

Working on a little post about Mr Artem.... what is the total of his grant now?

my family said...

its me again, how can i get these picts to my blog? you have a copyright and can't get them....would you email them or can you?

cara said...

PRAYING and spreading the info.!!!! He is just precious!!

Anonymous said...

How do families that have adopted several children (this mega families or what not) that have over 10 children qualify to adopt internationally, again and again? I've seen families that combine birth and adopted children in the upwards of 14 or 16+ children... does that just boil down to income at that point, and I'm assuming some countries have different requirements than others...

Patti said...

I'd love to know that myself! I have a feeling they adopt from countries that don't have such strict requirements. Russia likes you to have at least $10,000 a year (income) for family member.